Classic Style Meets

Modern Technology

Stone Oak Jewelers

Like the diamonds it sells, Stone Oak Jewelers has stood the test of time and grown even stronger under pressure. A member of the prestigious American Gem Society, this family owned and operated business has been serving San Antonio for 21 years and has made a name for itself thanks to outstanding service and craftsmanship. And while the pandemic forced many retailers to close their doors, Stone Oak Jewelers not only survived, but thrived due to a forward-thinking approach to the diamonds they offer.

“We have been prospering thanks to lab grown diamonds,” says owner DeAnna Bowling. A lot of the younger brides prefer them because they are Earth friendly. You don’t have to mine the earth to get them.”

Although the name “lab grown” might lead some people to assume they are fake, these diamonds are the real deal. Bowling explains that they are made by taking a sliver of an earth grown diamond and accelerating its growth. The result is a certified stone that is 100% real and sells at a fraction of the cost of an earth mined diamond.

“No Gemologist can even tell the difference,” assures Bowling.

She should know. Bowling grew up with a father who was in the diamond wholesale business and learned a thing or two about the industry. Today she, along with her husband and father (both certified gemologists) use their combined knowledge to guide customers through the most important ring buying decision they will ever make. Customization is their specialty and all the work from the computer-aided design (CAD), to the realistic rendering, resin model, and even metal mixing is all done on site.

“We do about 95% of our work in platinum,” says Bowling, explaining that it is cheaper per ounce than gold today and it lasts anywhere from 75-100 years. “White gold is simply yellow mixed with other alloys and then plated, and that plating wears off over time.”

Bowling says that today’s bride has moved away from the bling and sparkle so prevalent a few years ago to the simple elegance of a single, diamond solitaire.

“The round cut is our number one seller because it is classic and has the most sparkle of any stone out there,” says Bowling. “Our number two is an oval because it looks bigger than its carat weight.”

While she may prefer the simplicity of a single stone for her engagement ring, the modern bride is going big with stackable bands, mixing colors and styles.

“Stackable bands are popular because she can continue adding to them down the road,” explains Bowling, adding that once she has children, a woman may incorporate bands featuring each child’s birthstone.

With such attention to detail and personalized service, it is no wonder that brides become life-long customers. Anniversaries, birthdays, and other special events have them creating wish lists with such popular items as diamond earrings, diamond cross necklaces, and traditional diamond tennis bracelets.

“When a man walks in the door, we often know who he is and what his wife or girlfriend wants,” laughs Bowling. “Classic diamond stud or hoop earrings are our biggest sellers outside of our bridal collections.”

We want everyone to be 100% happy with the one-on-one relationships and careful walkthrough of the customization process it’s rare that the customer isn’t thrilled with the end result—especially when it comes to bridal.

“I want to make sure people are choosing something that they will enjoy for years to come,” says Bowling who leans towards classic over trendy designs. “After all, what else are you going to wear for the rest of your life?”


18730 Stone Oak Pkwy., Suite 104, San Antonio, TX 78258

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