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Henry Brun & Judi Deleon

After 37 years in entertainment, thousands of show stopping performances and numerous awards under his belt, percussionist Henry Brun knows music. In fact, Brun and his wife, Judi De Leon, a seasoned songwriter, arranger, producer and lead singer herself, have not only impressed audiences with their musical talent and showmanship but also have been raising the bar when it comes to hosting the ultimate wedding celebration.

In addition to performing with their two highly successful bands, The Latin Playerz and The Latin Connection, Brun and De Leon have taken the world by storm with their artist relations management company, Starlite Entertainment—Entertainment Consultants. As a result, the local wedding music scene is quickly evolving.

With 29 musicians on staff, all with rich backgrounds of their own including Grammy® nominees and winners, this multi-talented couple are concentrating on perfecting the quality, diversity and versatility of musicians available to perform at a bride and groom’s affair.

For example, while typical wedding bands specialize in one genre of music or a limited “set” of variety tunes, Brun and his company offer completely customized ensembles of musicians. Members are organized specifically to the needs of the event and the couple, each time creating a new group that has the experience and know-how to get a party started.

A couple, for instance, could enlist Brun to coordinate a quartet to play during the ceremony, a solo guitarist to greet guests as they enter the reception hall and a band to entertain the crowd during the dance. What’s different is that, near the end of the evening, all three groups could merge to create a versatile ensemble able to deliver a varied set of songs that will keep the audience enraptured.

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Henry Brun & Judi Deleon

“Our service is unique because we can synchronize music for an event from beginning to end and quote one price,” says Brun. “That means the wedding couple can trust us to take care of all the details and not worry about planning every facet of entertainment.”

In fact, Brun’s input includes professional advice on the music itself as well as help with planning the evening’s itinerary like the all-important first dance, garter toss and cake-cutting. He adds that whether a couple has a small budget or big bucks to spend, the level of professionalism doesn’t change. “Our goal for each performance is to exceed expectations by 200% and give the couple and their guests entertainment they will never forget,” he says.

That means brides in love with disco who marry guys with a preference for country won’t have to settle for anything less than a band that can do it all. Brun and his talented team can even organize entertainment with themed parties within a performance including dance instruction, instrumental sets, all Salsa and everything in between.

Musical groups can also be configured to emcee events bilingually and can feature a male or female lead vocalist. And, because the musicians are the “cream of the crop,” members have the skills to be proactive and interactive with crowds when it comes to cultural issues and showmanship, which can be quite helpful when spontaneous incidences like conga lines and rapping become part of the fun.

“We’re changing the definition of what brides and grooms think of when they consider a ‘wedding band,’” says Brun, who has been playing the congas since he was seven. “A couple’s reception is a special event and doesn’t have to be limited to a group of musicians who can only offer their standard performance.”

Instead, this company is all about “going all out” and making the celebration the talk of the town.

It’s a tall order. But, one that Starlite Entertainment has been exceeding for years for local, national and international bridal clients.

“We’re here to be the entertainment solution for couples who want to plan the definitive party for their wedding,” says Brun. “And, each client gets our very best.”

Henry Brun & Judi Deleon
Henry Brun & Judi Deleon
Henry Brun & Judi Deleon


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