Year of

the Vanderveers

Erin & Seth

San Antonio Engagement Photographer

How Did You Meet: 

After having a sour taste from trying dating apps, Erin gave it a break and tried again after a month. During her break she read a few dating books, so when she went back into the dating scene, she dove into it with a new perspective.

“I chose to try Hinge and began making sure I established deeper connections from the start. When I began doing this, I noticed an immediate difference in the quality of the conversations!”

This is when she met Seth. The two clicked immediately and she loved his drive to be a future Doctor. Both of them share a very strong work ethic, as Erin is an engineer. Aside from their strong work ethic, the couple discovered they had a lot more in common, ranging from fitness to travel! The two not only loved the same things but also had a lot of the same values. When Erin finally met up with Seth for the first time, she knew she had met her special someone. Fast forward a year, Erin and Seth are happily engaged and planning their wedding. #Hinge2Hitched & #YearOftheVanderveers

San Antonio Engagement Photography
San Antonio Engagement Photography


January was a nerve-wrecking month for Seth, not only was he awaiting a call for a job position but he was also planning to propose to Erin. There was only one spot open for his position and many military doctors had applied for it. On January 7th, Seth got the phone call he was waiting for! He immediately called Erin to tell her the great news and now there was only one thing left…

Seth arrived at their house later that evening dressed in his military uniform which Erin found odd. Erin was so excited to see him and celebrate his great achievement that she blew it off. Seth then got situated and called Erin into the other room, when Erin walked in, she saw Seth on one knee.

“I finally have the job that I have been working for my entire life. Now all I need is for the love of my life to come with me to San Antonio. Will you marry me?” Of course, Erin said “Yes”.

San Antonio Engagement Photographer


Groom, Seth is originally from New York, while Erin is from Ohio, so when it comes to having their families celebrate the Texas way, there is only one way to have it…BIG! Since both families are traveling for the big day, the couple really wanted to showcase Texas. Texas is beautiful after all! Don Strange Ranch is located in Boerne and brings the perfect southern feel with elegance, fashion, and grace.

“We wanted to give them Texas, but with a splash of style!” Don Strange Ranch offers endless décor options, a bonfire, delicious meals, and the opportunity to feed a longhorn which all leads to a night to remember.

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