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San Antonio Weddings will be bringing you all new podcasts throughout the months ahead. Stay tuned to this website for all the latest BRIDAL BUZZ!


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What’s all the buzz about?

Bridal Buzz is all things weddings in San Antonio & South Texas. Watch and listen to wedding stories and interviews with the area’s best wedding professionals along with local brides and grooms. Discover helpful ideas and money saving tips that will ensure your wedding day plans come off without a hitch.

Erica Perez - Bridal Buzz Podcast Studio - San Antonio Weddings

Bridal Buzz

Hi, everyone! My name is Erika, and I’m excited to be the host of the latest San Antonio Weddings project, Bridal Buzz. Bridal Buzz is a podcast dedicated to forming connections in an industry that prioritizes what matters: love! I hope you’re as excited as I am to build a community that helps connect you to your dream wedding.

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Erika Perez - Bridal Buzz Podcast - San Antonio Weddings
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