Taylor + Kevin

How did they meet?

Both Taylor and Kevin worked at a warehouse in college station. The bride had a boyfriend at the time, but after that relationship came to an end, Taylor reached out to Kevin via Facebook and the rest is history!

Tell us about the proposal

For their five year anniversary, Kevin took Taylor to Fredericksburg for what she thought was just an anniversary celebration.  After they spent some time exploring Main Street and a few glasses of wine later, Kevin mentioned wanting to go to Cross Mountain where he spent time there as a child with his grandfather. Little did Taylor know, Kevin had a photographer waiting at the top with a surprise proposal. Taylor had NO clue.

What inspired the design/theme of your wedding day?

“Nothing really had inspired the tone of our wedding.”, Said Taylor.

Taylor has always loved the color emerald and decided to go with earthy tones to match. Taylor has also always loved the simple, whimsical look and the venue was beautiful enough in itself to capture the ambiance.

Why did you choose the venue and vendors you did?

“We chose the Paniolo Ranch for our venue because we loved that it overlooked the hill country along with the ability for the bridal party to stay on site. The owner of the venue was also very kind and super helpful with making our wedding as easy as possible. We chose our coordinator because Jill, the owner, offered a day of coordinator as a gift to Taylor as they have been very close for a long time. Estefana, the photographer, was chosen because she did such an amazing job with our engagement. AJ’s Florals was chosen because Taylor had taken a floral design class with the owner in high school and she knew Amber would do a great job. Taylor chose Vixen HAMU because at the HAMU trial, Amber did a beautiful job and made Taylor feel at home throughout the day.”

What were some of the most unique elements of your wedding?

“The venue was unique in itself,” the couple agreed.

“From the views to the beautiful greenery, it made for a gorgeous wedding. Another unique element would be our officiant, Natalie. Kevin has known Natalie since they were children and has been one of our bestfriends since meeting. We didn’t expect this and Natalie had offered a few months beforehand and she knocked it out of the park.”

Did any of your vendors exceed your expectations?

For Taylor and Kevin, the venue and the coordinator exceeded their expectations. the owner of the venue allowed them to come in a full day before to set up and even helped clean up afterwards. Also on the day of, he helped move things around for us and was just a “lifesaver” from the get-go.

The coordinator, Couture Events, because they helped Taylor with so many things. Taylor had forgotten the seating chart, so they helped with that. They even drove Taylor from the bridal suit to the aisle so she wouldn’t be seen. they were so helpful in moving the reception along as well.

What advice do you have for couples planning a San Antonio wedding?

“One bit at a time. Friends and family will have their opinions but the best thing that we did was, if a request came from someone, we would speak to each other about every single detail in the process so that we could agree and be a united front. Do your best not to allow the stress to overwhelm the exciting time of your engagement, it will be over SO fast, so enjoy it and lean on each other.”, Taylor and Kevin agreed.


  • Taylor + Kevin

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