Magical Red Berry

Estate Wedding

Kristina and Kayla

Kristina and Kayla's Red Berry Estate Wedding
Kristina and Kayla's Red Berry Estate Wedding

How They Met

Kristina met Kayla through her best friend, who coincidently worked with Kayla’s mom.

“I remember the first day I met her,” Kristina said. “I spent so much time getting ready. Doing my hair and makeup and changing my outfit several times. For her to answer the door at this empty apartment she just moved into in striped pajama pants.”


The Proposal

Kayla and her mom have a tradition of going to Disney World twice a year, and Kristina knew eventually they would get to a point in their relationship where she would get to go on the adventure with them. Five years later, she was able to partake in their family tradition.

Marriage was never a shy subject for the couple, and Kristina had hoped and prayed the trip to Disney would be the start of it. However, once they arrived, she completely forgot about the countless hours her and Kayla gushed over the idea of being engaged one day. Instead, she indulged in the magic that is Disney.

The two woke up early to go to the Rope Drop Animal Kingdom to ride Flight of Passage, a ride modeled after Kristina’s favorite movie, Avatar.

“Adrenalin was pumping after the ride, and we were just so excited to be there together,” Kristina said.

After the ride, Kristina wanted to take a photo in front of Pandora, the set from Avatar, using one of the Disney photographers. However, Kayla and her cousin insisted on taking photos in front of the waterfall next to Pandora. It was then, after a couple of poses and a kiss, Kristina began to walk away from the waterfall. Kayla grabbed her hand, got down on one knee and proposed.

“I was so shocked,” Kristina said. “I just remember crying, saying yes, and taking in the moment with my now wife.”

Kristina and Kayla's Red Berry Estate Wedding
Kristina and Kayla's Red Berry Estate Wedding

The Inspiration

The couple wanted their wedding to be effortlessly timeless with a modern twist – the glamorous dress and suit, with the dark green and dried floral contrast.

The geodes and crystals are inspiration from Kristina’s grandmother.


The Venue

The couple were originally set to wed at Contigo Ranch in Fredericksburg, but their date was during the week of the now infamous 2021 snowstorm in Texas. Unfortunately due to the weather, the venue could no longer host them, leaving the couple scrambling to find a new venue the week of their wedding.

The Red Berry Estate came to the couple’s rescue and provided them with an opportunity they simply couldn’t pass up. They were able to host the wedding on a week’s notice.

“This was terrifying for me after having had a vision for so long,” Kristina said, “to move the entire wedding to a completely different city with the complete opposite vibe, modern farmhouse in the country to mansion in the city. Everything happens for a reason and we know this by simply looking at our photos.”

The Red Berry Estate provided the couple with the perfect backdrop to complete their dream wedding.

“Our photos and our memories would not be what they are if we were at our first venue, so we are forever grateful for Red Berry Estate,” Kristina said.


Unique Elements

One of the unique elements of the was one of the cakes. “Our Walmart cake turned out beautifully,” Kristina said “I was able to customize the center layer with the gold accent and geode geometric shapes.”

The rich colors of amethyst paired with dark green and tans, the beautiful lake and fountain and the mansion front gave the couple’s special day a unique touch.

The Vendors

The couple’s wedding photographer, Caitlin Rose, went above and beyond for them.

She is a full time nurse on top of being an amazing wedding photographer, Kristina said.

After being turned town by a few photographers, Caitlin tailored a package for the couple so they wouldn’t have to experience any further negativity.

“She went out of her way to go to Port Aransas for an early sunrise engagement shoot, and she stayed at least 9 hours on our actual wedding day,” Kristina said. “Her photos do the talking because they leave me and everyone else speechless. I still get compliments on her of how professional she was and how for being a solo photographer on our day… She was everywhere and anywhere. Just indescribable in terms of going above and beyond.”

The DJ, DJ Helios, is another person who went out of her way for Kayla and Kristina’s big day. She didn’t hesitate to move cities the week of wedding.

“On the day of, she not only was able to add to our dream girl team, she payed attention to how important it was to pronounce our last name correctly,” Kristina said, “and she provided emotional support and checked on us all through the night. She worked beautifully along side all our vendors and the day literally went so well and on time because of her.”


  • Kristina and Kayla’s Magical Red Berry Estate Wedding
  • Bridal Dress Shop
    Melange Bridal
  • Bridemaids' Dress Shop
    JJ's House
  • Cake
    Robin's Nest Bakery
  • Caterer
    Rosemary’s Catering
  • DJ
    Premier Austin DJ's - DJ HELIOS
  • Décor & Rentals
    Illusions Rentals & Designs
  • Florist
    Flair Floral
  • Hair & Makeup
    The Veil Artistry
  • Invitations
  • Photo Booth
    Bride DIY
  • Photography
    Caitlin Rose Photography
  • Venue
    The Red Berry Estates

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