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Third Time's the Charm

Vanessa & Robert

Vanessa and Robert's Magnolia Halle Wedding
Vanessa and Robert's Magnolia Halle Wedding

How They Met

The newlyweds met several years ago through mutual friends. Prior to dating, they saw each other at similar events, hung out in smaller groups, went to the same gym, but it was all just small talk and pleasantries.

On one sunny day, coincidentally went to the gym at the same time, and decided to have lunch together. Even though, they never really hung out for “longer than a jog on the treadmill” before they decided to grab a lunch together.

It “was not as a date at all but more because we just wanted food from a restaurant and didn’t feel like dining alone.” Vanessa said. “That lunch was our first actual conversation, and we like to think of it as the day we actually met. It was a shock to know you see someone almost daily but could not know how interesting they are or how much they will mean to you in the future.”


The Proposal

Vanessa’s family celebrates Halloween, getting together, dressing up, decorating and passing out candy to children. It just so happens, Robert and his mother, love all things scary.

On Halloween of 2018, Vanessa was working as a nurse, as she did most Halloween’s. She went in full costume and even made several costumes for her co-workers. Robert, on the other hand, took the day off for the family party. At least, that is what he told her.

Vanessa had been up all night the day before Halloween, and was exhausted working on so many costumes including Robert’s. After work, she was running late to her family’s party. She called Robert to remind him to be at her aunt’s house beforehand. Vanessa could tell his nervousness for what was to come as he thought he was supposed to wait for her.

“I was upset and worried he wasn’t already there because the weather was getting bad,” Vanessa said. “I rushed to my car trying to beat what turned into a flash flood. My car barely made it and almost stalled on the side of the road. I was soaked when I got to my aunt’s and the first thing I see is him not in the costume I made him. I was even more upset especially since my costume was all stretched out and half ruined. I was ready to call the night early because the day was just not going my way, and everyone insisted I relax and stay.”

She noticed almost no one was dressed up. She felt so silly in her handmade cactus costume.

Shortly after, Robert’s parents arrived. She knew she would be staying a little later than planned no matter how tired she was so she could spend time with them.

After a while, Vanessa’s mom insisted she go sit next to her and his parents. When she walked over to them, she turned around to look for Rob he was on one knee in front of her family and his parents.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I even asked, ‘What are you doing?'”

Once she realized what was happening, she yelled, “I’m dressed like a cactus.” That’s when she heard him propose and her eyes filled with tears. He had the ring wrapped in paper with Halloween colored ribbon.

“It was wrapped so well he couldn’t open the box,” Vanessa said. “I smiled and laughed and cried and yelled, ‘I don’t need to see the ring, the answer is YES!’”

It took a lot of help to get the ring box open once everyone settled down. Most of their family knew in advance what he was going to do that day.

“That was the day I learned that not matter how bad you think your day is going, it could end up being the best day of your life,” Vanessa said.

Vanessa and Robert's Magnolia Halle Wedding
Vanessa and Robert's Magnolia Halle Wedding

Rescheduling the Wedding

The couple’s wedding was originally scheduled to be April 4, 2020 with a spring fiesta theme: bright pink and colorful flowers, and a very large guest list for us.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city shut down and the wedding was postponed to July 31, 2020 with a theme of summer fun to include a color theme of greenery and coral. However, the city was hitting a summer spike of the virus at the time of the rescheduled date. For the safety of their guests, the couple cut down the guest list once again and moved the date to the winter.

As their new day came closer, December 6, 2020, they once again cut down the list of guests, reframed from having a large family holiday gathering, and worked endlessly with their wedding team to create the safest wedding space possible.

Their new theme was winter with the hashtag #TisTheSeasonOfSegovia. The colors were varying shades of blue, white, with mixed greenery and candles.

“Being flexible, forward thinking, and always in good spirits,” Vanessa said. “We laugh that we planned a spring, summer, and winter wedding from top to bottom and our third time was the charm.”


Choosing the Venue and Vendors

The couple went with the venue, Magnolia Halle, as they provided a beautiful intimate country feeling space in the city. They loved the rustic look, but not the thought of their family and friends driving so far and at night. A bonus though, the food was the the best meal they had all year, and Jill at Magnolia Halle was always there for them no matter how much changed leading up to the wedding.

Their coordinator, Lasting Impressions by Design and Joann, were so understanding with the constant changes due to the coronavirus and the couple’s busy schedules during the pandemic.

“She never we lost touch and always made sure that we stayed positive and focused on our love,” Vanessa said.

Their photographers from Encanto Rojo were true artist and masters of their craft.

“Our bridal party was in shock for how into the moment they get to achieve the best shots,” she said. “They also did our engagement photo shoots and people who saw those photos said they also looked so stunning they thought we were already married.”

Vanessa’s makeup artist, Desiree from MBDArtisty, made her feel like “the essence of classic Hollywood glamour and still feel true” to her.

“The extremely talented ladies at Olivia Grace bridal did everything they could to make sure I felt as comfortable and bridal as possible in my dress, even with my extra COVID-19 pounds,” she said. “I had the confidence to dance the night away and so many people commented on how they said. I looked like a princess in my gown.”

Her hair dresser, Lupe from LillyFlower Hair and Makeup, delivered the exact look Vanessa hoped for. She had her hair extensions also placed by Cindy from Alamo Hair Artistry, and she color matched her hair perfectly.

“The groom or mother of the bride could not tell which was my hair versus the extensions,” she said.

The DJ was the team at ICADJ and made sure the party didn’t stop.

The photo booth was done by Rent Event and their staff “was so nice and that photo booth was a huge hit with all of the guests.”

Both of the cakes came from OhYeahCakes and “were so delicious and stunning that people went crazy for them. For the groom, a musician, his cake was designed to look just like the the orange brand amplifier he regularly used and he lit up with joy when he saw it.”

The floral was done by H‑E‑B Bloom from Alamo Ranch and Mary Jo and her team.

“She helped as we went through several seasons,” Vanessa said. “We changed the floral times as the seasons changed and even as some greenery was not able to be in due to COVID-19, and the shipments from overseas. She saw my visions each time and made it happen. From top to bottom, the team I hired was always willing to work to provide the best day possible even with so many unpredictable changes. I kept repeating to everyone I could never express how l strong they all were as individuals and as a team. I could never have asked for better people to make that day as magical as it was.”


Advice for other Couples

“Be flexible because nothing is guaranteed to go the way you plan no matter how many times you plan it,” Vanessa said. “The day goes so fast just be sure to tell your spouse you love them and thank everyone involved as much as you can! They really do make the magic happen!”

Vanessa and Robert's Magnolia Halle Wedding
Vanessa and Robert's Magnolia Halle Wedding


  • Bar Service
    Magnolia Halle
  • Bride's Ring
    A Wedding Third Time’s the Charm
  • Bridesmaids' Dress Shop
    David’s Bridal
  • Cake
    Oh Yeah Cakes
  • Caterer
    Magnolia Halle
  • DJ
  • Dress Shop
    Olivia Grace Bridal
  • Florist
    H E B Bloom Alamo Ranch
  • Groom's Attire
    Men’s Warehouse
  • Groom's Ring
    Diamonds Direct
  • Hair Stylist
    Lupe with Lily Flower Hair and Makeup
  • Makeup
  • Photo Booth
    Rent Event
  • Photography
    Encanto Rojo Photography and video
  • Reception
    Magnolia Halle
  • Wedding Planner
    Joann with Lasting Impressions by Design

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