Bumble Makes

The Perfect Connection

Jovanna & Travis

I never once thought this would be the answer, but… on Bumble. Yes, online dating brought me my husband, and I will forever be grateful. Every message we sent was a mini novel; we immediately fell for each other’s proper grammar and punctuation.

After a week and a half of textual flirting, we had our first date at Botika at the Pearl. For over four hours, we talked about everything you’re not supposed to bring up on a first date. One week later, I told my best friend I had found my future husband.

Gardens of Cranesbury View

Can Travis Get the Ring Box Out of His Pocket…

Travis’ proposal to me was something out of a painting, literally. Claude Monet is my favorite painter, and I stepped into his colorful world in July of 2018. Travis, my parents, youngest brother, and I had traveled to his home in Giverny, France. In the garden, next to the house, Travis’ nerves reduced the three paragraphs he had penned and memorized for the occasion to a mere two sentences. He also managed to get the ring box stuck in his back-pocket, so that he was still standing when he asked me to marry him. After subtly hinting that he still needed to “do something” before I could officially say yes, my groom was able to free the ring-box from his back-pocket and finally kneel. I had a wedding to start planning!

Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View

Jovanna’s Inspiration for the Wedding

Two words: Grace Kelly. She personified class, grace, and elegance: the qualities I wanted our wedding to exude. Drawing inspiration from the proposal, we dreamed our ceremony would happen in an enchanted garden setting. Once we found our venue, The Gardens of Cranesbury View, our vision came to life.

Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View

Choosing the Venue

The Gardens of Cranesbury View was the first venue we visited, and we were instantly smitten. Amy’s gardens are European-inspired; we felt like we were back in France! It was the perfect setting for our magical day. We landed on our vendors based on a combination of factors: quality, price, reviews, and overall feel & communication. All our vendors were highly rated and provided competitive rates without sacrificing quality.

Tiffany-Blue Heels

The most unique elements comprised our wedding ceremony. During the processional, Travis walked to the beautiful gazebo with his mom and dad on either side of him. Halfway during my walk down the aisle with my dad, we stopped, so I could raise my dress and show off my Tiffany-blue heels! They were too beautiful, and attention had to be paid! Once we reached the gazebo, where the ceremony would take place, my mom stood and joined us, so that both her and my dad could give me away. Lastly, my family is Mexican, and because our culture is very important to me, the ceremony was bilingual and incorporated the traditional lasso and arras.

Gardens of Cranesbury View

Advice for Future Brides

Take advantage of as many of the wedding and bridal events as possible! I attended the Bridal Extravaganza at the Henry B. Gonzales convention center, and loved the exposure to all the vendors. I even made a couple of bookings that day and got some amazing discounts and deals.

Travis and I also attended a couple open houses at various venues. The food and drink samples are always great, and we even won an engagement photo session with Aria Productions!

In the end, enjoy the process, talk to different vendors, and shop around. San Antonio has an excellent selection of wedding industry professionals. Make sure you give yourself, and them, enough time to work with. Customizing my wedding dress was a ten month process! Time becomes a luxury, so be smart about your timeline. You shouldn’t have to compromise for your once-in-a-lifetime milestone.

Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View
Gardens of Cranesbury View


  • Bridal Boutique
    Olivia Grace Bridal
  • Cake
    Sweet Traditions
  • Caterer
    Heavenly Gourmet
  • Floral, Decor & Rentals
    Reese Events Group
  • Hair & Makeup
    Love, Lipstick and Lashes
  • Photography
    Sun Gold Photography
  • Videography
    Aria Productions

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