A Noise Complaint Turns

To A Love Story

Lisa & Alejandro

How They Met

Lisa and Alejandro both attended TLU and Lisa was the resident assistant for his dormitory. Lisa was tasked with addressing a noise complaint. Lisa says that his wet hair indicated that he had merged from the shower. She remembers thinking to herself “oh he’s a cutie.” Keeping her thoughts to herself she said to him” There was a noise complaint, but it seems like that’s over. Have a good night!” She glanced back at his door looking at the name on display; Alejandro Cortes. Five years later Lisa was at the Wursfest beer festival. Her friends wanted to say hi to a group of guys so she followed. Lisa immediately recognized the handsome man whose door she had knocked on r5 years prior. Lisa remembers thinking ” He’s still a cutie.” A free-flowing conversation ensued between the two and the rest was history.

About The Proposal

Lisa and Alejandro vacationed in San Francisco for a few days and part of their itinerary was meeting with her college roommate. Alejandro had reached out to her and shared his intention to propose.  They developed a plan where he would offer to take a picture of her and Lisa. Afterward, she would do the same. Alejandro started the speech that led to the proposal, and he got down on one knee. Lisa was honored to say yes and grateful that their proposal was captured with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Wedding Design Inspo

When Lisa turned 15 she did not have a quinceanera because her family could not afford one. From her 15th birthday on she knew she would splurge to have the wedding of her dreams. Her vision was to have a classy and elegant wedding hat focused on flowers and colors. Her bridal party colors were steel blue, and the groomsmen wore Saphire blue suits. Since she had a guy in her bridal party she was happy they found a suit that matched the steel blue the rest of the ladies wore. The venue had a classic aesthetic that aligned with Lisa’s vision.

Unique Wedding Elements 

“The design focal point was the flowers. The arch at the end of the aisle and by our sweetheart’s table was completely covered in flowers. Each reception table had an elevated flower centerpiece. The floral concept included greenery and white flowers. The greenery was made up of seeded eucalyptus and baby eucalyptus. The flowers included white roses, white peonies, and white anemones. A non-profit organization dedicated to repurposing flowers picked up our flowers the next day and installed them in hospitals in the area. I only kept my bridal bouquet and sent it off to a floral preservation company. I am happy that I splurged on my flowers because they were either reused in the community or as a floral display in my home.”


Wedding Vendors Exceeding Expectations 

Lisa says she had a great experience with Olivia Grace Bridal and Love, Lipstick, & Lashes. She says that both these wedding vendors helped her create her beautiful bridal day look. She was very grateful for their commitment to making a bride feel beautiful, she says they were very kind and helped her feel at ease.

Advice for Couples 

“I have so many recommendations:
– Consider the cost of buying versus renting a suit. The groomsmen opted to buy a suit instead of renting one because it only cost $100 more. They did not have to return it to a suit shop because they own the suits.
– DIY does not always save money, but it does always take longer than you expect. I did my own stationery, and it ended up being in the same price range as buying from a vendor. However, I did get to keep my printer and personalize them as I liked
– Do pre-marital classes. It waives the cost of the marriage license fee, and you have your bond strengthened during the journey.
– There are more options for rehearsal dinners than just a party room or a restaurant. There are many local wineries or breweries that will let you rent out the space for a private event.
– Most of all, just remember that you are marrying the love of your life. That is the best thing of all, and all the beautiful moments from a wedding are the cherry on top.”


  • 360 Photobooth
    Viva 360 Photo Booth
  • Bar Service
    Margarita Madness
  • Bridal Dress Shop
    Olivia Grace Bridal
  • Bridesmaid's Dress Shop
    David's Bridal
  • Caterer
    Heavenly Gourmet
  • Coordinator
    Triple Chk Wedding Services
  • DJ
  • Decor and Rentals
    DPC Event Services
  • Florist
    The Perfect Day New Braunfels
  • Groom's Attire
    Black Tie
  • Makeup Artist
    Love, Lipstick and Lashes
  • Photographer
    Munlight Photography
  • Venue
    Village Venue
  • Videographer
    Justin Porter Media

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