A Collided


Araceli & Jose

How They Met

Araceli’s coworker often invited her to visit her church. After noticing Araceli’s love for anime, she mentioned there was even a perfect guy she should meet there. After 16 invitations, Araceli’s mom insisted she should never deny an invite from God and put a good fear in her to attend.

After attending the church and, once the service was over, Jose found Araceli and her coworker leading to a simple introduction which turned into a two hour conversation. Jose told of his recent accident causing him to miss a wedding and losing out on getting to see his family. He continued to say that he asked God why that would happen and found the word “collision” brought him peace of mind.

The faith he demonstrated that day to Araceli intrigued her and, after exchanging numbers, their relationship soon began.

The Inspiration

After searching at many different venues, Araceli & Jose discovered Grand Monarch Venue. A message leading to a visit was all it took for the couple to fall in love with the beautiful floral ceiling and LED dance floor. After discussing their needs and wants for the weddings, the couple knew Grand Monarch Venue was the place to perfectly host their special day.

Unique Elements

“Jose and I had a surprise from friends and family for the wedding. We got a dancing robot!! They loved it! I saw everyone’s face lit up with joy! The robot danced and greeted everyone. It even took out his fog spray gun thing and sprayed it around which was cool looking. It hyped everyone up to the LED dance floor to do the line dances while handing out balloons and glow sticks. It really was a highlight at the party.”

Chocolate covered strawberry towers from Dippedbyd.n were another beautiful added element that all guests enjoyed along with charcuterie bowls from Kandy Arts of San Antonio for cocktail hour.

Words of Advice

“Find a venue that includes the most and don’t forget the photographer is expensive. Favor gifts are hard but we got a bottle opener that’s a fancy key that came with a tag saying ‘thanks for being the key part on our special day’. Make a list of things you want to have pictures of like tables, shoes, welcome sign, sign book, etc. along with people you want to take a picture with at your wedding. Remember the camera is on you so always be photo-ready and don’t forget to make time to eat your cake!”


  • Bride's Dress Shop
    Fiancee Bridal Boutique Boerne
  • Ceremony & Reception Venue
    Grand Monarch Venue
  • Ceremony Musicians
    Chris Montoya
  • Dancing Robot
    DJ Regio
  • Dessert Bar
  • Invitations & Stationery
  • Mariachis
    Mariachi Los Soberanos
  • Photographer
    Michele Grace Photography
  • Videographer
    Christopher Gutierrez
  • Wedding Officiant
    David Perez Bethel Church
  • Wedding Planner
    Grand Monarch Venue

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