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Spice of Life Catering

Nothing brings people together like great food and good company and a wedding is no exception. Locally known for its versatile and delicious dishes, Spice of Life Catering offers more than just exquisite menu options, Executive Chef Mike Bomberg and the experienced staff bring a new meaning to gourmet cuisine with customized dishes, fresh insight and exceptional customer service.

“We really have a great passion for food. We enjoy experimenting with new flavors and applying new techniques to create dishes that really stand out,” Bomberg says. “But it’s more than just about making the food. I enjoy all the details of putting a dish together. It’s why I decided to go into catering exclusively rather than opening a restaurant. I really love getting to know my clients. Catering an event, especially a wedding, is personal. You’re creating a menu that is truly individualized.”

It is that zeal and attention to detail that brings new customers and loyal patrons through their doors each day.

“We don’t just specialize in one type of cuisine. We do it all,” Bomberg says. “We love the challenge of taking our best and most popular requests and adding a personal flair to it. We’re always happy to prepare unique cultural dishes and family recipes for our clients. The look on a bride’s face when she sees that we’ve replicated something from her past or culture is priceless.”

With more than 20 years dedicated to creating gourmet cuisine, Spice of Life’s attentive team brings devotion and delicious food to the table every time.

“What makes us so successful, is our dedication to get better,” Bomberg says. “We’re still students of cooking and always will be. Our passion for food is what drives us to do better.”

Bomberg always had a great drive for food. After having decided to do this full-time, he pursued his education at the Culinary Institute of America and after graduation he began his professional career.

“There is a lot of competition out there,” he says. “There are a lot of really good caterers in town. Knowing who they are and what they specialize in helps us improve. We stay on top of trends and what’s being done out there. But what really makes us stand out is we take things that are personal to a client and use that for inspiration to create something unique to them. It’s not a cookie-cutter menu, we make it just for the client.”

Bomberg’s international travels help keep his passion alive.

“In addition to creating dishes that are individualized to a customer, I take what I know and what I have learned from traveling and apply those techniques to my cooking,” he says. “But I know people eat with their eyes first so I’ve enlisted the help of my staff to really bring the food out in their designs. It’s about enhancing food presentation, but still delivering great customer service. We want people to come for the food, but come back for the service.”


1746 Lockhill-Selma, San Antonio, TX 78213

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