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The most important part of a wedding is that it is special day to celebrate marriage. A marriage—forged by two individuals who’ve built their own separate lives are joining their differences, similarities, backgrounds, lifestyles and coming together with their loved ones to celebrate their commitment to each other. It should be nothing short of unforgettable, personal and one of the best days of their lives.

This experience is what the team at San Antonio Wedding Professionals (SAWP) strives to give each and every one of their clients. It is this philosophy that has kept couples knocking on its doors since they’ve opened in 2014. In addition to its pre-marital counseling and officiant services, SAWP has expanded its services, which now include wedding planning and coordination.

San Antonio Wedding Professionals Expanding Their Services - San Antonio Weddings

At SAWP, the process is completely personalized from start to finish. Through the initial consultation, one-to-one interviews and all communication thereafter, the Wedding Pros build an outline of what the couple hopes their special day will look like.

“Our ability to connect and build this relationship from the very beginning has really allowed us to craft a very personal and meaningful experience for the couple and their loved ones,” Audrie says. “We understand what it takes to make these events come together cohesively and that is always our priority.”

Audrie and her team work closely with other local vendors in the industry to ensure a seamless production.

San Antonio Wedding Professionals- BridalBuzz - San Antonio Weddings
San Antonio Wedding Professionals- BridalBuzz - San Antonio Weddings

“We have not only built relationships with our couples, but we also build relationships with other wedding professionals. It’s important that you have that trust and rapport with those who are working together to execute the best event possible for the couple. In the end, that is everyone’s goal—to ensure our couple is happy.”

For Audrie, who has been a part of hundreds of weddings throughout the years, these occasions hold a special place in her heart.

“Personally, I’ve had several life experiences, some were hardships. And much like this collective hardship we are all currently going through right now, weddings are a great reminder fo all that is good in the world,” Audrie says. “I am reminded of what is really important: love, family, relationships. But there is something else that is wonderful about getting to be a part of a couple’s day. And it is the simple moments of sharing food, dancing, celebrating, making memories. I just can’t say enough of what that has done for me personally over the years, just to be able to have that constant reminder is invaluable.”

San Antonio Wedding Professionals- BridalBuzz - San Antonio Weddings
San Antonio Wedding Professionals- BridalBuzz - San Antonio Weddings

Audrie and her team’s passion and love for their work is evident in every testimonial you read. It is their flexibility, easy-going personalities and inclusiveness that has made them successful over the years.

“Sometimes plans don’t go as we hope they do. Our team is trained and experienced in handling these situations with ease. Our goal is to make mishaps go unnoticed, and being flexible and understanding has really been an amazing asset to have.”

While the team’s professional experience is certainly impressive, it is their ability to connect and put relationships at the forefront of all priorities is what a quality wedding vendor should look like.

“In the end, this day is about the couple. We will always dedicate unlimited communication and consultation with each of clients. We have a very important job. And that job is to help our couples have one of the best days their lives. That is a privilege and we are honored to get to share it.”

San Antonio Wedding Professionals- BridalBuzz - San Antonio Weddings
San Antonio Wedding Professionals- BridalBuzz - San Antonio Weddings


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