Nicole Mera

Creating Custom Rings

A Private Jewelry Concierge

As soon as she accepts the proposal, a bride-to-be is captivated by her engagement ring. The sparkling symbol of love also attracts the eyes of proud moms, curious co-workers and friends on social media.

Creating wedding and engagement rings that become part of a couple’s love story requires the attention of a private jeweler, says Nikki Swift, founder and owner of Nicole Mera in San Antonio.

“Every piece of wedding jewelry that I design is an expression of the couple’s love,” Swift says. “I walk them through the process of crafting a completely customized ring that expresses the uniqueness of the relationship.”

Swift’s goal is for the process that shapes the ring to blend into a couple’s romantic narrative. In fact, “Mera” is derived from the Greek word “meraki,” which describes the act of putting one’s self into his or her passion.

“The time, energy and love that the couples give to designing the ring is a fun, stress-free and exciting journey that they will always share,” she says.

Nicole Mera
Nicole Mera
Nicole Mera

Brilliant Quality 

Each piece created by Nicole Mera is as distinct as the jeweler’s clients. As a graduate gemologist, Swift expertly sorts through diamonds and gemstones of exemplary quality and shows clients a selection of stones that fit their style and budget.

“I help couples see beyond the four Cs of cut, color, clarity and carat, so that they understand the quality of their purchase,” she explains. “From classic solitaires to tapered baguettes and intricate pavé work, each diamond that I curate is cut to radiate a brilliant, white pop.”

Every bridal ring designed by Nicole Mera is handcrafted by a Los Angeles master jeweler with more than 50 years of experience.

“The artisans’ attention to detail is impeccable, so I know that my clients are getting a piece that will not only look gorgeous for a lifetime, but will also stand up to the rigors of everyday living,” Swift says.

Swift herself has a professional background in jewelry manufacturing and uses her expert eye to help clients design a setting worthy of its gemstone. She also helps clients create earrings, pendants and bracelets that complement their wedding day ensemble.

For men, Nicole Mera works with a custom jeweler to craft wedding bands produced with precious metals and unconventional materials. Platinum rings can be inlayed with crystalline-patterned gray Gibeon Meteorites that fell from space to Africa, or grooms can opt for a sleek black band made of Elysium, which is composed of compressed diamond crystals.

“Some grooms want a conversation piece that they can show off,” Swift says. “Brides enjoy helping them design something that’s different from what everyone else has.”

Nicole Mera
Nicole Mera

Personalized Creativity 

Though Swift’s work is individualized and refined, Nicole Mera’s services are within reach of a wide range of budgets. Swift provides complementary personal consultations, which begin with her learning about the client’s style.

“I ask if they prefer ornate or understated pieces, or traditional, modern or somewhere in between,” she says. “Unlike picking a ring at a jewelry store with a random salesperson, my clients personally collaborate with me to create a one-of-a-kind ring.”

The process from design to fabrication for a ring typically requires only three to five weeks.

“My clients see and feel the sophistication in the craftsmanship,” she says. “They tell me, ‘This is what jewelry is supposed to look like.’ So when I personally deliver the ring, I’m confident that it reflects excellent quality as well as an affirmation of their lives together.”

Nicole Mera
Nicole Mera
Nicole Mera


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