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If melt-in-your-mouth BBQ and cobbler are your desired wedding foods, then let us tell you about the caterer that can deliver the best of them!

Riverside Catering, owned by Cindy and Stephen Zoeller, has been serving up delectable foods for events since 2009. Cindy has been in the restaurant business for much of her adult life, starting as a hostess and working her way up to a catering manager. Stephen, too, has a background in the hospitality industry. His parents owned a BBQ restaurant/gas station in Boerne for 33 years, during which he and his siblings worked at until they went off to college.

“I think the best part about catering is that it’s different each time you cater,” Cindy said. “Most of the time, you’re at a different location and always meeting new people. We have had some great experiences.”

Riverside Catering Your Wedding Caterer

Some of the popular and delicious items prepared by Riverside Catering are brisket, which is slow smoked and made with a family BBQ recipe, tequila lime chicken breasts, and homemade sides like mac and cheese, scalloped potatoes and twice-baked potatoes.

“I recently added a new chicken dish option, which is chicken Marsala florentine — it’s a little spin on the original chicken Marsala,” said Cindy, who enjoys experimenting with new recipes. “It’s a seasoned chicken breast topped with a Marsala wine cream sauce with sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms and spinach. We serve it with either garlic mashed potatoes or pasta, and you can choose a vegetable and salad to go with it.”

Riverside Catering Your Wedding Caterer
The Perfect Wedding Caterer - Riverside Catering

For those with an unwavering sweet tooth, Riverside Catering’s menu items don’t stop there. Their mouth-watering desserts include cobblers in pineapple, apple, cherry, and, their ever-popular peach blueberry, flavors. They even make a bread pudding prepared with a whiskey sauce and a Mexican chocolate bread pudding made with caramel Kahlua sauce. As if your taste buds weren’t already drooling with desire, Riverside also bakes up a variety of cookies, brownies and their signature buttermilk bars. Like a cherry on top, they have an ice cream bar and a soda float bar for added fun!

Riverside Catering Your Wedding Caterer
Riverside Catering

“When we set up at a wedding I don’t like to take away from what the bride’s vision is, but rather I like to complement it,” Cindy said. “We will usually have a splash of their colors on our buffet along with simple decorations that complement what they have already done on their tables or in the reception area.”

Have some of your own menu items in mind? Cindy and Stephen can create a customized menu based on your requests!

“Often, our clients will have out-of-town guests that may have never been to Texas before or have never had certain foods that are served here, so it’s always nice to bring some Texas favorites to those guests,” said Cindy.

Riverside Catering Your Wedding Caterer
Riverside Catering Your Wedding Caterer

These catering professionals know a thing or two when it comes to preparing for a large crowd. Riverside Catering has hosted weddings with as many as 750 guests! If you’ve got a menu list in mind and are curious how Cindy and Stephen can mold it into something spectacular for your big day, then don’t wait to give them a call!

“Each year I look back and can’t believe how many “special days” we were a part of,” said Cindy. “At the end of the day, we strive to out-do our clients’ expectations. I love to wow people with food!”

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