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Photo Booth Experience

Hollywood Energy & a Twist on Photo Booths

As a bride and groom face each other, their champagne flutes clink and they say, “Cheers.” But this is no ordinary toast. The sparkling moment is captured in a 360-degree photo booth video that is instantly shared with family and friends.

“The 360 photo booth technology is something completely different, and it’s generating a lot of excitement,” says Marco Buenrostro, owner of MBP PhotoBooth in San Antonio. “Just like Hollywood celebrities on the red carpet, wedding guests can feel the thrill of having their images produced into a dynamic video that can be shared on social media within seconds.”

MBP 360 Photo Booth
MBP Photo Booth

Instant Gratification

From the beginning of the photo booth session to sharing the video, the interactive 360 process takes less than a minute. Guests stand, dance or pose on a round platform while a camera spins around them. Multiple images are taken and edited to create a visually stunning and professionally polished video that displays the action with fast, slow motion and reverse effects. A song that complements the action plays in the background.

“We tell everyone to have fun and pretend like there’s nobody else in the room. They don’t have to look at or even think about the camera,” Buenrostro says. “They can let loose and be themselves.”

The 360 photo booth package includes unlimited photo sessions for three hours, booth attendants and a sharing station where guests view their video and submit their text number to receive a private link to their video.

“Brides, grooms and their guests can go to the link and upload the video on social media or send the link via email or text,” Buenrostro explains. “Everyone loves how they can share the video right away.”

Unlimited Creativity

The user-friendly technology and head-turning images of the 360 photo booth has guests of all ages getting off their seats to experience it, Buenrostro says.

“After they try it the first time and as the night progresses, guests try to outdo one another by experimenting with creative poses or actions,” he says. “And because the 360 sessions are unlimited, they take turns with different friend and family groups.”

The groom dipping the bride, couples flirting, ladies playfully spinning their dresses and guys showing off their dance moves are just a few of the favorite actions that MBP PhotoBooth has used to create entertaining and captivating results. Some of the fun possibilities are found on

“No matter what their age, everyone enjoys the whole 360 experience,” Buenrostro says. “It’s definitely something that people are going to be talking about and sharing long after your wedding.”

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