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Madison & Tristan

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Madison and Tristan met in high school, but they had no idea they would eventually embark on forever together. In high school, the two dated other people, and for a few years, their friendship remained the same. After graduation, Tristan joined the United States Marine Corps. The two kept contact throughout and saw each other when Tristan would return home on leave. Still, just friends. Eventually, the stars would align, and the couple found themselves single at the same time! Tristan invited Madison to a Marine Corps Ball, and this became the kickoff to their romance.

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The couple maintained a long-distance relationship for a while, and Tristan popped the question on one of Madison’s visits! The two took off on a short trip to San Diego. Tristan insisted on sharing a sunset view over the water at Sunset Cliffs, a beachside trail of cliffs. Madison had no idea that Tristan was about to propose. He hadn’t even bought a ring yet, but the moment felt too good to pass up!

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