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Hi Bride Hive, 

Erika from Bridal Buzz in the studioi with Priscilla Rodriguez of Modern Wellness

First, let me start by apologizing for launching a blog and then failing to write frequently. I have decided to make a concerted effort to post a new blog every other week, starting today. I appreciate the Bridal Buzz readers, listeners, viewers, and supporters. Between editing the podcast, working with local vendors, and discovering new things for our followers, I have fallen short of writing time. I’ll start at this rate and work my way towards higher frequency.


I have been asked a lot lately about how one secures a guest appearance on the podcast. There’s a few ways to get on: pitching, submitting, or invitation. 


Sometimes a vendor or a bride pitches me a good idea, and I roll with it. These ideas can range anywhere from, 

“hey, I want to learn more about…” 

to “hey, my grandparents have been married for 50 years, here’s how…”  

If the schedule permits and the story pitched is relevant to our audience, I move forward with planning an episode and recording. 



The power is in your hands. Couples, brides, grooms, even relatives, and friends can submit an engagement, proposal, love, or wedding story to the site. Once the submission form is received, I read it. If the schedule permits and the story is fun (most are!), I contact you. Then, we proceed to plan an episode. (Submission form here)



Invites happen the least, but they happen nonetheless. Some ideas are too hard to pass up. If I learn through our followers that they want to learn more about something, or I feel something is essential to the planning process, I scour the area for a guest. Once I find the right guest, I invite them. These guests can be a couple, a groom, a bride, an industry expert, a product, a service, anything. If it’s fundamental and wedding-related, chances are, I’ll eventually find you. 


There you have it! 


If you still have questions, comment below. 






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