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New Gowns, Heirloom Accessories

These days, many brides shop online for their gown. But Brides by Elizabeth proves that the magic of finding the perfect wedding dress happens with the personal touch of a local bridal salon.

“During their appointment, my stylists and I help them create wonderful memories as we consider their individual style, ideal budget, dress size and planning timeline,” says the shop’s owner, Teresa Ashmore. “Regardless of their budget, we treat every bride with kindness so that they feel like a princess.”

To personalize the bridal gown shopping experience, Brides by Elizabeth carries designers who are exclusive to San Antonio and customizes gowns and accessories according to a bride’s vision.

“We’re a hidden gem that provides beautiful gowns at a reasonable price range, elevated customer service and an array of alterations that uniquely flatter a bride,” Teresa says.

Brides By Elizabeth Gown Shop
Brides By Elizabeth Gown Shop

Saying ‘Yes’ to Your Budget, Alterations

Located in an inviting cottage-style building in north central San Antonio, Brides by Elizabeth features three spacious fitting rooms furnished with antique lamps and voluminous mirrors.

“I named the shop after the patron saint of brides, St. Elizabeth of Hungary,” Teresa says. “My shop is not about me. It’s all about sharing my God-given talents to help brides find a dress that makes them feel beautiful.”

On average, Brides by Elizabeth gowns cost $1,000 to $1,500, but offerings span from $250 garden wedding dresses to $4,000 opulent couture gowns. Notable designers include Jasmine Bridal and Kitty Chen. Sizes range from 6 to 32, but Teresa can make in-house alterations to accommodate other sizes.

Changing a neckline, adding sleeves and adorning a bodice with beading and lace are just a few of the customizations that brides commonly request.

“I have trusted relationships with my designers, and many of them have their own factories, so they are very open to making changes,” she says. For situations where the designer cannot accommodate customizations, Teresa stands ready to do them herself. “If they can’t do it, then I almost always say, ‘Yes,’ to the bride’s request.”

The shop offers a wide selection of veils, jackets, headpieces, jewelry and soon a full line of tuxedos. Teresa also custom-makes veils, mantillas, garters and ring bearer pillows.

Wedding Dresses at Brides by Elizabeth

Repurposing Family Treasures

At the age of 10, Teresa discovered her fashion and design talents when she took sewing lessons. When she was 18 years old, she worked in alteration shops. Her fashion aspirations were suddenly put on hold, when at age 21, she was hit by a drunk driver.

“My heart stopped on the way to the hospital. By the grace of God, I survived,” Teresa says. “I got married and traveled the world with my Air Force career husband. When he retired, he said it was my turn to have the wedding gown shop of my dreams.”

Now, she uses the lessons learned from her past challenges to touch the hearts of her brides. “I sew heirloom fabrics into their gowns or accessories so that they can carry a memory of somebody they love when they walk down the aisle,” she says.

One of her memento works, called “Daddy’s Hearts,” incorporates pieces of a bride’s father’s clothing into her gown’s skirt hem.

“A pocket from a father’s flannel shirt, a military uniform name strip and a bathrobe fabric are all items that brides have given me to sew ‘something old’ into their gown that means the world to them,” she says.

Teresa also uses elements of family heirloom wedding gowns to craft accessories.

“One of my brides brought her mother’s gorgeous gown that could not be restored, but I used the train’s lace and silk to create kneeling cushions, a garter and ring bearer pillow for her wedding,” she describes. “It’s just one more way I can personalize a bride’s big day.”

Original Wedding Gown 20+ Years old

The Above photo shows items that one of Teresa’s brides brought to here. It includes a wedding gown of the bride’s great grandmother along with the tie that her great grandfather wore, along with  grandmother’s tiara and veil, and mom’s headpiece.

The photo below shows what Teresa was able to do with the items. The garter has the original hem from great grandmother’s gown. The tie is great grandfather’s which was worn by one of the ring bearers. Grandmother’s tiara was worn by the flower girl.  The two boutonnieres were worn by the ring bearers.  The pillow was made from great grandmother’s gown, the center lace applique if from grandma, under the lace applique is a piece of the bride’s lace. Under the ribbon are two pearls from mom’s headpiece.  Four generations are preserved in the pillow.


Completed items made from old wedding gown

The photo below showcased pearls and fabric from a mother’s original wedding gown that Teresa incorporated into the daughters gown.

Incorporating Mom's Gown into your gown

In the photo below…Mom’s gown was eaten by termites, but there were still memories and love left to be shared.  Teresa used the train of the gown to make kneeling cushions,  a ring bearer pillow and garter.

Using mom's old wedding gown to make a ring bearer pillow.

A Keepsake Gift-Photo Below. A bride wanted to create a gift for her future Mother-in-law who would not be able to attend the wedding. Teresa was able to take pieces from the Mother-in-law’s gown along with pieces from the new brides gown and create this adorable bunny keepsake (see photo below).

Brides By Elizabeth Bunny Keepsake

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