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Dona Liston, owner of Lambermont Events, has spent more than 30 years in the event planning business and has made thousands of wedding dreams come true. So when her daughter, Lambermont property manager Erica Maynard got married, it would have been easy for Liston to go overboard, micromanaging every detail of the big day. Instead, the mother/daughter duo worked together, incorporating unique elements and eschewing tradition for a wedding that was a true reflection of the bride’s taste and style.

“Over-the-top is not who we are,” says Liston. “Planning this celebration wasn’t about ‘how can we outdo every wedding we’ve ever done,’ it was about, ‘how can we do it differently?’”

Lambermont Events

Setting the Stage

Although the lush grounds and grand rooms of the Lambermont Estate might seem the obvious choice for the venue, the event was originally planned as a small, destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta.

“She didn’t want it at the estate because that was ‘work,’” explains Liston.

After Covid derailed the Puerto Vallarta plan, the bride settled on The Grove in Edinburg, Texas. Conveniently located near the Rio Grande Valley where Maynard was raised, and approximately 3.5 hours from her current home in San Antonio, it provided the perfect spot for family and friends to gather and celebrate.

Once the venue was settled then the fun began for Liston and Maynard who share a fondness for bargain shopping. The pair, who enjoy repurposing items in unusual ways, began scouring estate sales and retail stores, filling a 32-foot truck with their treasures. They designed and photographed every element of the setup before turning the execution over to the crew of “All in the Details” event planners.

“That was the hardest part for me, but I knew I wanted to enjoy the day as mother-of-the-bride, not stress over the details,” says Liston.


David Pezzat Photography
David Pezzat Photography
Erica Maynard Wedding

The Bride Wore Blue

One of Liston’s first rules when it comes to wedding planning is that the day should reflect the wishes of the bride, not the style of the planner. As such, she encourages every bride to create her own traditions rather than follow any perceived “rules.”  In the case of her daughter, that meant wearing a blue dress rather than the usual white gown and walking down the aisle on the arm of her fiancé instead of being “given away.”

Another unique aspect of the ceremony was the “marriage rug,” where the couple stood to say their vows. The rug now lives in their home where it serves as a daily reminder of their love.

“The idea is that when difficult situations arise, you return to the rug and remember the promises you made one another,” explains Liston.

Erica Maynard Wedding
Erica Maynard Wedding

Following the ceremony, guests were treated to a mouthwatering meal catered by celebrity chef Larry Delgado of “Beat Bobby Flay,” fame. The Brazilian theme featured tender meat skewers cut and served tableside, along with wine service, a coffee bar, and signature cocktails created just for the occasion. Rather than a deejay and dancefloor, guests enjoyed the sounds of a three-piece band as they dined on the flavorful feast.

chef Larry Delgado
chef Larry Delgado

Expecting the Unexpected

Few brides get hitched without a hitch, even the daughter of a wedding planner. From the change in venue to a hairstylist with a broken hand to a last-minute dress alteration, and an overbooked hotel, Maynard’s wedding hit a few unexpected bumps. That’s where Liston’s years of experience in the business proved exceptionally helpful.

“There will be the occasional hiccup, but you can’t let it ruin your day,” she says, adding that having a designated point person can help alleviate the stress. “Having someone in charge who can make decisions for you makes a big difference in your enjoyment of the day.”

Crisis management aside, Liston says she doesn’t regret taking more of a “behind the scenes” role during her daughter’s day and turning the majority of the planning over to someone else.

“I was able to spend the day with my daughter, which was more important to me whether everything was perfect or not,” she says. “That was all that mattered.”

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Erica Maynard Wedding
Erica Maynard Wedding
Dona Liston & Daughter Erica
Erica Maynard Wedding

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