From Kiss Cam

to Kiss Forever

Kayla & Charlie

Couple gazing into each other's eyes


In 2016, Charlie was home for a few short days during a Thanksgiving holiday from school, and Kayla was swiping through her trusty dating app when the words “It’s a Match!” flew across her screen. After getting to know each other better, they decided to remain friends, as neither wanted a long-distance relationship. Kayla, however, kept her sights on Charlie.

Couple kissing on a bridge
Engaged couple sitting on stairs at The Pearl in San Antonio, TX


Two years later, Charlie was (finally!) back in San Antonio, TX. He wasted no time inviting Kayla to a San Antonio Spurs game. Although she believed this was not a date, she was determined to try and make it a date! Lucky for her, fate was on her side. Right before halftime, the classic Kiss Cam started going around the stadium. The two looked up at the screen and noticed their faces in the spotlight! They kissed, and Kayla was elated.

After the game ended, Charlie dropped Kayla off at her car, and both were on cloud nine. As Kayla drove away, she got a text from Charlie that read, “I wanted to kiss you all night long, but I didn’t know the right timing. I guess I have to thank the Kiss Cam for the assist!”

Kayla and Charlie smiling at each other
Couple laughing together
Couple posing for their engagement
Kayla Hester and Charlie Korn embracing


Charlie picked the perfect day. He found a jeweler in their hometown that was going to create a custom ring he would design. Just when everything was coming together, a global pandemic hit and shook up all of his plans. Kayla and Charlie were quarantined together during the pandemic, which made planning an engagement that much harder. Luckily for Charlie, Kayla liked to sleep in, so he planned before she even started her day! Charlie knew that even if all the odds were against him, he would still try to propose on the day he originally planned. This meant finding a new jeweler, this time in California. He was extremely nervous about sending the stone across the country, but this was his only shot at making the day perfect for Kayla.

Bride stands in front of her groom
Cute couple smiling at each other in an industrial space

The ring arrived just days before the proposal. Now, he had to lay down the groundwork to get Kayla out of the house. Restaurants had opened earlier in the month, and Kayla expressed she was ready to have her first date night post-quarantine. Charlie told her he would pick the restaurant and take care of everything. He took her to the Elian, and she was ecstatic because she knew that meant they were having Piatti’s (one of her favorite places!) As they walked to the restaurant, Kayla noticed two photographers off to the side, and before she knew it, Charlie was down on one knee. He asked her to spend forever with him! She could not say yes fast enough. He had both of their families there, ready to celebrate with them, and Kayla was so surprised he planned everything without her knowing. She may not have gotten her date night dinner, but she left with something so much more special!

Couple celebrating their engagement

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