Elise and AnDre's

Anniversary Engagement

Elise & AnDre

How They Met

For those who say that high school relationships never last, they are 100% wrong. When Elise was a freshman and AnDre (Kevin) was a junior, they met a Lady Bird Johnson High School in San Antonio, Texas. The day they met, AnDre was automatically interested in Elise. Although Elise was slightly hesitant with AnDre because of his strong and outgoing personality, she still fell head over heels. Their first date was January 4th, 2013 at Olive Garden. Who wouldn’t fall in love over salad and breadsticks? Their long distance journey began when AnDre graduated and headed to college in New York City. Once Elise graduated she moved up to the big apple for college and AnDre moved to Vermont. Elise and AnDre didn’t let those 8 hour train rides to visit each other ruin their love. They finally moved back to Texas together in 2018.

The Proposal 

AnDre decided to surprise Elise with a proposal on their 6th anniversary. Elise came back to their home with groceries with the intention of making dinner, but once she saw the rose petal path, she realized that AnDre had other plans. Big plans. Elise couldn’t hold back her tears as AnDre led her into their bedroom where she saw more rose petals in the shape of a heart on their bed. Then to top it off, a dozen roses in the middle. Elise picked up the bouquet and gave him a huge hug filled with joy and tears of course. Elise turned around to set the roses back down on the bed, then turned around to find the love of her life on one knee. Those few tears immediately turned into sobs, happy sobs of course. Elise thought to herself that she needed to be quiet so she could hear him ask the question she had been waiting for. She hugged him while he was still on his knee and he asked, “is that a yes?” With tears still streaming down he face, she replied, “yeah!” Elise says that this was the most beautiful and funny moment because of how hard she was crying. AnDre was still nervous even though they had been together so long, luckily he had nothing to worry about.

The Ring

AnDre bought his dream girl her dream ring in November of 2018. At his annual Christmas party with his friends and family, he showed all of them the ring secretly. They all were in the know that he was going to propose very soon after that.

“He made sure to buy me a ring that he would be proud for me to wear,” said Elise.


The Wedding Preparations

Elise and Andre got married back in July on the 28th. But, before that they had a lot of wedding planning to do. Elise got get wedding dress at Impression Bridal where she had been a bridal stylist for two years. Her best friends were also stylists at Impression Bridal. Her mom and them got to help you find the dress of her dreams. After trying on the gown that she thought was the one, her best friend laid out the train of the dress she said yes to. Elise said, “It is true what they say, you never know unless you try!”

Their venue was Canyonwood Ridge, which is between San Antonio and Austin in Dripping Springs, Texas. They knew they wanted to be close to Austin because of their after party plans on 6th Street in Austin. They loved the hill country views, and the beautiful ceremony and reception spaces.

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