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Karley & Hayden

Karley and Hayden Engagement
Karley and Hayden Engagement

How They Met:

Karley drove 4.5 hours home for the weekend with her friend to attend a Koe Wetzel concert. She met Hayden a day before the concert through her friend and Karley was definitely looking forward to seeing him again the following day. Apparently, Hayden was just as intrigued by Karley. The next day at the concert was when they really hit it off. They talked every day after the concert and the rest was history.


The Proposal:

Karley’s family came to visit and attend Germanfest. The girls and guys parted ways during the day, the girls enjoyed some wine and the guys went golfing. Once everyone met up again they decided to take group photos. Karley attempted to walk away and when she was called back, she turned around and saw Hayden on one knee! This lovely couple is set to be married April 9th, 2022

Karley and Hayden Engagement

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