A Connection On Bumble

That Almost Didn't Happen

She Says Yes! On Christmas Day

I wasn’t very fond of online dating but decided I would try Bumble. We began by chatting for about a week. I couldn’t resist him…it was like we had known each other forever.

I didn’t have the app notifications turned on, so I went a couple days consumed with work, forgetting to open it and check for messages. When I finally opened the app, he had sent me a pretty straight to the point message. “Are you just going to ignore me now?” I laughed so hard. I told him he could message me on Instagram. lol! Being a realtor in Texas, my number is public. But he went along and played my game until I felt comfortable to officially give him my number.

lAlexandra & Alexander engagement photo

Everything was set for our official first date, and wouldn’t you know it, I got a stomach virus the day before.  I told Alexander I would need to reschedule. He insisted to come and nurse me back to health. He picked up anti-nausea medication as well as the dinner we had planned on eating together from J-Prime.

I told him on the first date that I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, that I was looking for a husband! I am so surprised that I didn’t scare him away and watch him run out the door after hearing that.

Alexander and I were made for each other. Our birthdays are two days apart. I truly cant imagine my life without him. We not only finish each others sentences, but we finish each others jokes. We haven’t spent a day apart since June 2019.

Alexandra & Alexander engagement photo

A Christmas Day Proposal

He proposed on Christmas day in our new home. I had cooked a huge Christmas dinner. It was a very special time as my entire family was there to witness the proposal.

What made it even more special, our neighbors daughter (5 yrs old) helped him plan it all out. She made him a “love rock” to have in his pocket. She explained the rock was supposed to give him courage to ask me to marry him that night. The rock worked!

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