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Brooke and Bam

San Antonio Weddings couple, Brooke and Bam, engagement story

Anticipation Building

Ever since their first date, Brooke knew Christopher (who goes by Bam) was the most amazing man she could have ever prayed for and would eventually be the man she was going to marry. As their college graduation neared closer, the two planned to celebrate with a party surrounded by all of their friends and family. Brooke could feel a proposal coming but wasn’t sure when it’d happen! Unfortunately, with the rise of COVID-19, their plans of celebrating their graduation were canceled and Brooke began to wonder when Bam would propose…or if he even would during a pandemic.

San Antonio Weddings couple, Brooke and Bam, engagement story
San Antonio Weddings couple, Brooke and Bam, engagement story

The Easiest Yes

Two weeks after Brooke and Bam earned their diplomas from UTSA, their parents decided to come into town and celebrate their graduation – which made our future bride-to-be just a bit suspicious! As they got ready that day, Brooke even noticed Bam wearing her favorite shirt! When they walked out to the living room to greet their families, Bam gave a speech thanking everyone for their love and support as they navigated their way through college. He then turned to Brooke and began to thank her for being the love of his life and his best friend all-in-one! Brooke reminisces, “I can’t quite remember what was said since the both of us were in tears and it happened so quickly! But it was the easiest ‘Yes!’ I have ever had to make!


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