Break the Mold:

Black is the New White

Break the Tradition

Break the Mold: Black is the New White
Break the Mold: Black is the New White
Break the Mold: Black is the New White

Sometimes couples don’t dream of the traditional wedding. Rather than choosing pastel decor and white gowns, couples may opt for a more edgy theme to express their love and personalities. They break the mold and shatter traditions.

The Ring

Many couples opt for white diamonds or gems, such as emerald or sapphires, to propose with. However, some may venture a different route.

Sometimes, a couple’s love may look a little different than someone else’s and they want a ring to represent that.

“Someone who wants to stand out, wants to have a conversation piece, and wants to have something very different and unique,” Nikki Swift, founder of Nicole Mera, said of those who chose black diamond rings. “Maybe they are different and unique. Whether that is in their style, how they look or their romance.”

Black diamond engagement rings are unique in the sense as you typically may not see couples propose with them often. For those worried about a black diamond, they are much like white diamonds.

“Black diamonds are made of the same material as a white diamond,” Swift said. “Nothing is different between them other than the color.”

A key trait in a black diamond over a white diamond is price. Black diamonds can be more affordable than white diamonds, according to Swift.

For someone looking for a black diamond engagement ring, the ring will surely stand out.

“You can get creative with your designs,” Swift said.

With all diamonds and gemstones, comes a meaning behind them as well. For black diamonds, they often mean power, charisma, stability, originality, creativity and passion.

A black diamond ring can be just as elegant and timeless as your typical white diamond engagement ring. More so, they are unique and hold special meaning to the couples who choose them.

Break the Mold: Black is the New White
Break the Mold: Black is the New White
Break the Mold: Black is the New White

The Décor

As you scroll through Pinterest or wedding magazines, you may be greeted with many of the same colors or themes. Often couples choose nudes, pastels, or seasonal colors for their decor. However, like those who chose black diamond rings, they may want to incorporate that uniqueness into their wedding too.

Just like fashion, black is a timeless and elegant color. Adding pops of black to your wedding can be just a beautiful and formal as any other color.

“Everybody has different tastes,” Jessica Huisman, owner of Freesia Designs, said of choosing decor and floral arrangements. “There are some people where their favorite color is black or they have a goth wedding. There are a lot of people who ask for black roses or black decor.”

In most cases, those who chose black decor and floral for their wedding may have a certain theme. They are breaking the traditions.

“Who is to say what is elegant or what is beautiful,” Huisman said. “You can be different and you can make a wedding your style.”

With black decor and floral arrangements, you have the ability to throw in other colors. As the saying goes, black goes with anything. You can pair black with deep or muted colors such as mauve, navy, burgundy, emerald, or a variety of nudes and pastels. A black wedding will scream uniqueness and elegance.

Break the Mold: Black is the New White
Break the Mold: Black is the New White
Break the Mold: Black is the New White

The Dress

As mentioned black fashion is timeless and elegant. In many cases, grooms will wear black suits or tuxedos to their wedding and brides wear white. However, those still looking to be unique, different, and shatter traditions may opt for none other than a black wedding dress.

“She’s not the traditional white dress girl,” Terera Ashmore of Brides by Elizabeth said of brides who choose black gowns. “She has more sass, more attitude. She wants to be different. It molds their personality.”

Some brides may choose all-black gowns and others may desire a black and white dress.

Traditional white wedding gowns often symbolize purity and innocence. A black dress on the other hand represents confidence, courage, strength, and loyalty.

There are ways for brides looking to wear black to incorporate it for those who wish to include that uniqueness.

“She can get a solid ivory gown, and we can put a black lace jacket or a black belt,” Ashmore said. “Or we can add just a pop of color.”

Dresses can be tailored to match a bride’s personality and style.

A wedding dress should be everything the bride wants and more. Adding black details to it or wearing a fully black dress will signify your uniqueness and be memorable.

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