From high school friends to

getting married in S.A.

Abigail & Jesus' Christmas

Engagement at the Pearl in San Antonio

How They Met

Skipping class is not always negative, sometimes you could meet your fiancé.

The couple met in high school; however, Abigail swears she never saw Jesus there.

“I never saw him, but Jesus swears he had seen me in high school many times,” Abigail said.

It wasn’t until that fateful day of skipping class at a park, where the couple officially met.

“I actually asked him if he could buy me some Hot Cheetos after talking for a bit,” she said. “At first, I didn’t like him. I always thought he was a conceded guy.”

Somehow, the two became close friends and found themselves always hanging out together.

“He would buy me everything and do everything for me because we were ‘best friends,’” she said.

Abigail “friend-zoned” Jesus, as she denied her their mutual friends telling her that he liked her.

It wasn’t until the night of Sept. 23, 2009, when Jesus finally asked her to be his girlfriend. Abigail let go of her friend zone and said yes.

“We would already always hang out, so why not,” she said. “Little did I know that I would fall in love with him.”

Engagement at the Pearl in San Antonio

The Proposal

After years together, the proposal happened.

Unfortunately, on Christmas of 2018, Jesus’s brother was hospitalized. Due to this, his family understandably decided to celebrate Christmas with him, leading the couple to spend the holiday together.

“Once midnight struck, we began to exchange gifts,” Abigail said. “Suddenly, Jesus kneeled looking for a gift. He asked me to get closer and help him find it. He then looked up at me and asked, “will you marry me?”

Words couldn’t describe how Abigail felt and she began to cry. She didn’t know what to say.

“All I said was ‘no,’” she said. “I was crying and hugging him, I couldn’t believe it. He asked a second time, and I then said ‘Yes!’”

It turned out the ring was too small, but even then, it was perfect!

The Ring

Jesus picked the ring from Americus Diamond.

He took Abigail’s sister and brother-in-law to help him.

They said that they went to a lot of jewelry stores until he found the one,” she said. “Even though I wasn’t there to choose it, I love my ring!”

The Gown

Abigail took those closest to her to the dress fitting including her mom, two sisters, cousin, niece, maid of honor, and Jesus’ mom.

She tried on 3 dresses before finding the one.

“They put the veil on me and it was precious,” she said. “I even walked with it throughout the store.”

After the appointment, she went to other stores still on the look for a dress but nothing compared to the one she originally found.

“I went to other stores, but this one [the dress she already loved stayed on her mind],” she said. “Everyone loved it and I did too. It had all the details Jesus wanted and especially the one I wanted, a long train.”

Engagement at the Pearl in San Antonio

The Venue

The couple will be married at the historic San Fernando Cathedral in San Antonio.

Once the couple began wedding planning, the church was their first priority.

“During college, I’d always walk through the San Fernando Cathedral when I’d get off the bus,” she said. “It was so fascinating I would always say, ‘I will get married here one day.’” Now my dream has come true, and on December 16, 2021, I’ll be giving my ‘I do.’”

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