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Hey Bridal Babes,

Thank you for clicking onto the Bride Hive blog to read about my unfiltered local San Antonio wedding industry thoughts. It’s time I reveal the truth behind a Bridal Connection shopping experience. I’ll be taking it from the moment I walked through the Bridal Connection doors, to the dressing room, and checkout process. Here’s what Bridal Connection has to offer brides and bridal parties alike.

Bridal Connection Dressing Room

I’ll start by saying that I have visited Bridal Connection at Stone Oak before, but I had never shopped before now. Although I visited the shop before, I had yet to purchase anything. If you’ve been following the buzz for a while now, you know I’m not engaged, so I was in the store to find a wedding guest dress.

When I walked into the store, dressed as casual as ever, Bridal Connection’s store manager, Angelita Sorensen, greeted me brightly and asked me what I was looking for. I told her I had a wedding to attend that weekend and had nothing to wear. I explained my procrastination on this purchase meant that I needed to find a ready-to-wear dress as quickly as possible, and I didn’t have time for alterations.

Angelita looked me up and down casually and instantly knew what sizes, in what brands, I would fit into. She took me to the magical sample sale rack and picked out gown, after gown, after gown, after gown. It felt like what getting an A on a test felt like in grade school.

Bridal Connection at Stone Oak
Bridal Buzz in a Bridal Connection gown

The entire time we made small-talk and joked around with each other. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself feeling good about the whole thing. I’m not a very good shopper. Anytime I go out into the world to shop, I’m always slightly uncomfortable. I don’t like thinking about my size, limbs, or what others may be thinking of me. With Angelita, I felt like I was shopping with a friend. There was no tinge of judgment or awkwardness.

I tried on attractive gowns in different colors, lengths, and with different personalities. Angelita keenly provided a broad selection even though there wasn’t an endless inventory to choose from since the dresses were right off the sample rack.

As I tried the dresses on, I’d call Angelita over to zip me up and share her opinions. I loved her honesty and reliability. Most of all, I truly enjoyed how comfortable she made me feel.

In the end, I took two dresses. I went in looking for one, and I left with two because I couldn’t make my mind up, and the price for Bridal Connection’s sample gowns is irresistible.




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