3 Reasons Why

I Love Harper Hill Ranch

Harper Hill Ranch Longhorns

Harper Hill Ranch was one of the first places Bridal Buzz introduced me to. Before I visited the venue, I never, in a million years, would have pictured myself saying “I do” at a ranch, much less near farm animals. Maybe I’ve matured, maybe I’m in love, or maybe Harper Hill Ranch is just that good. Here are 3 reasons why I could picture myself marrying in this charming Texas hill country venue.

Erika petting llama at Harper Hill Ranch
Erika Feeding longhorn at harper hill ranch in texas

1. The on-site accommodations! 

Harper Hill Ranch has an adorable, small-feel, mansion built right beside it. It accommodates 27 people comfortably and has an enormous living room, swimming pool, AND a secret staircase!

2. The longhorns. 

I know, Texas, right? Right, and that is exactly why I’m obsessed with these beautiful beasts. Three years ago, I met a Texas-Ex, and the thought of his face lighting up while feeding a longhorn in a tux melts me

3. The stained glass windows. 

I may not be a talented artist, but I am an artist, and I love anything that moves me. Harper Hill’s stained-glass french doors inspire me. Every time I catch a glimpse at a bride in front of those doors, I realize I wouldn’t mind being one of them.

ERika Perez with a Bride at Harper Hill Ranch
Erika posing in front of Harper Hill Ranch Stained glass windows

There are, honestly, more reasons why I wouldn’t mind tying the knot at Harper Hill Ranch, but I figure you can check out what all this ve3nue has to offer on your own.



Erika 🖤

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