About Printed Bride, The

A Celebration of Love.

I have always loved love. Growing up I was a fan of Rom Coms, having crushes and puppy love. At that same time, I was developing my love and passion for art, design and printed pieces. I found my dream career path and have been on it since early in college. Then, it happened. I fell completely in love. We got engaged, planned a wedding, and celebrated the best day of our lives together.

During that planning phase, I developed my own stationery, from save the dates, to thank you cards, signs, favor tags, fans and more. I fell in love with the wedding industry and soon after my wedding, I began designing wedding stationery as my gift for my friends’ special day. It was such a wonderful feeling to help make someone else’s dreams come true.

Let’s Work Together.

Now, I want to help make your dreams come true! My intentions are to create the best printed pieces you can imagine and help bring your special day fully together, from start until happily ever after. Remember this is YOUR day! If you have a passion for horses, we can do that. Super Mario? We can do it. Harry Potter? We can definitely do that! Romantic? Traditional? We can do that!

Be true to yourself. Do what is the best fit for you and makes you the happiest!

Next Steps…

Let’s talk! I would love to get to know you better and find out all the ways we can work together to make your wedding day dreams into reality!