About Love Story Addicts

As a certified wedding coordinator, Heather has planned, organized, troubleshooted, rolled with it and everything in between when it has come to the day of for her bride and grooms.  Heather started coordinating weddings as “Heather Gafke – Wedding Coordinator” but has been beyond blessed (and busy) and needed a partner!  Recently, she joined forces with Shirley and now they are excited to have started Love Story Addicts together.  The name really fits both of their fun and passionate personalities.  Shirley has been working diligently on her certification, but has working with Heather behind the scenes for almost a year.   Once you meet with one of them, you will be confident in your decision to trust them with your most prized day!

If you are unsure if one of us is the right coordinator for you, just ask. We’d be happy to give you the all honest truth about us and our services!