About Four 40 Entertainment


With 10 years of experience in the music entertainment industry, we at Four40Entertainment believe in providing the highest quality in sound and lighting design for your special event.  Our name itself speaks volumes in the realm of music.  The term A-440 in the music industry serves as the tuning standard for sound pitch.

Our goal at Four40Entertainment is to provide the absolute best service in music and lighting design, customized to make your wedding reception the perfect one!  We focus on creating the most memorable experience for the bride, groom and guests by providing you with services that will leave everyone with everlasting impressions of an enjoyable evening!  We target the dance floor and make it our mission to create a fun atmosphere that generates the rapport needed to connect people with the past, present and future.  Four40Entertainment recognizes peoples’ needs and enthusiasm for dancing and strives to make your celebration the one everyone keeps talking about!  


Four40Entertainment will fit all needs from casual/private parties to large scale/elegant venues at very competitive prices.

Services include but not limited to:


  • Professional assessment of your facility/venue for sound acoustics, set up and lighting design
  • Customized UP lighting for surround walls
  • Intelligent moving-head HD lighting
  • Intelligent moving-head mirror lighting
  • Illumination
  • HD 1080p TVs
  • Customized monograms
  • Haze machine
  • Giveaway props
  • Greatest quality in sound which can support up to 1400 people (max capacity)

We look forward to the opportunity of sharing our passion with you and your love ones.

… Because we strongly believe that the passion for dancing brings people together…

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