About DPC Event Services – Linens

DPC EVENT SERVICES has been the bridal industries linen rental headquarters for more than 10 years!

Your event covered your way, in the colors you love to share!
From draping the top of your event to the tables and chairs, we can assist you in every rental you need to complete your day!

From the ever so fun photo booth to lighting to keeping children happy at your event, we can help you take the guess work out of your momentous day!

You want your day to be memorable for what great memories were made – not a day to be remembered for worrying about something not coming together – except visiting with your guests! We can set your mind at ease with all the services we offer!

Please call us or email and let’s talk about your day and how you want it remembered.  Nothing will allow you to relive your day, like a well produced event from DPC Event Services!