About BARBY Faces

The Owner:
Shayla DeFils

New Iberia, Louisiana born and raised. Currently located in San Antonio, TX. I’ve had a passion for art since the age of 4. Drawing and painting on anyone or anything i could find. I find peace in art and makeup artistry fell into that place. Faces are my canvas. I love that feeling of getting lost into what I’m creating at that moment. I am also a model. It wasn’t until my model coach told me years ago that i had to lean to do my own makeup because not everyone will know how to shade match me, that i took it seriously. I am self taught with celebrity MUA’s training under my belt. As time goes by I learn more in my craft. You never stop learning your passion. Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and hopefully you book me in the future.

My Brand:

BARBY is an acronym that stands for “Baby Always Remember Be Yourself” As a reminder to everyone that in a world that tells you who you should be and how you should look… THE HELL WITH THEM, BE YOUR BEAUTIFUL SELF!