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I have a decade of experience doing events – weddings are my specialty.  I am very detail oriented in the planning and execution of an event.  I bring the fun and the energy to your guests and bring the calm and confidence to my bride and groom.

Here is a little about me and my thoughts about weddings.  When we meet, I want to focus on getting to know you – how you met and hearing about your plans, thoughts, ideas and dreams of what your perfect wedding day looks like.

Hiring wedding vendors can be a daunting task!  The DJ tends to be a very personality-based decision; you can’t walk the grounds, admire a portfolio or do a tasting.  I have found it best to set up a face-to-face meeting and see if my personality is a good match to your expectations.  After all, the DJ will not only be providing the background for your entire event, he/she will also be the voice of your wedding.  A good DJ will also be your “go-to” person for any and everything during your event.  Having someone with a personality suited to yours can prove to be an invaluable asset.  And oh…how a bad DJ can be your worst nightmare.  I hear horror stories all the time and it breaks my heart how one person can do so much damage to an event.

I have been DJ’ing since ‘07 and have hundreds and hundreds of weddings under my belt.  Experience… there is nothing better to prepare you for the things a wedding ceremony and reception can throw at you.  My goal for my bride and groom is to have no idea of anything other than perfection…even if that may not have been entirely the case behind the scenes.  I want you to spend your event in a bubble of bliss and if there is some drama, there is rarely a need for it to have any effect on the 2 people who have been planning this day for months or years.  Almost everything that goes off course, can be corrected without popping your bubble.

All I want my bride to have to worry about on the day of her wedding is to look pretty.  The rest of the event – leave up to me and the other professionals you have hired to deliver the day you have dreamt of all your life.  Because once the day finally arrives, you don’t want to worry about linens, chiffon chairs, cake flavors or center pieces.  All you should have to worry about is soaking up the moment: enjoying your last hours being single, your mother and grandmother there telling you about their wedding day (again), finally putting on the dress you chose after the hundreds you looked at and the dozens you tried on, blasting your favorite music with your girls as you all get ready together, did your fiance and the groomsmen make it back from the golf course (ok…maybe not that last one).

I truly enjoy what I do!  I love meeting engaged couples and hearing about your ideas and plans and discussing how we can make them a reality and perhaps even enhance them to places you had not thought of before.  I love the process of choosing the music that will be the backdrop to the event: the ceremony, the first dance, the parents’ dance, the bouquet and garter…or whatever events you choose to incorporate into your night.  I have worked with couples who know every song from the minute the first guest arrives to those who have not even thought of that part yet.  I am happy to take notes and listen or to share ideas and help brainstorm songs that might fit the mood you are going for at each phase.

I have been to more weddings in a month than most people attend in their lifetime.  There is no right or wrong way to do things.  There are logistical parts of weddings that perhaps you have not thought of – but ultimately anything I ever suggest can be met with, “that’s interesting…we don’t want to do that” and it will not bother me at all.  I will talk through each scenario to find a solution that works for you and doesn’t point you toward a potential pitfall.

Lastly, wedding DJ and club DJ are 2 very different skill sets.  I think either would be challenged doing the other job.  Club DJs typically stay within the current music, and do a lot of beat mixing for mostly the same age crowd with the same music tastes – whatever that club’s genre might be.  Although I do some beat-mixing, a wedding DJ has to consider the 3 to 4 generations attending your wedding.  Grandma doesn’t want to hear the same music your 14 year old niece wants to hear, and your guests who ride horses for fun don’t generally listen to the same music as your guests who ride Harleys for fun.  The ability to read the room is key once everyone hits the dance floor.  I know budget restraints might cause you to think an uncle with an iPod is a good option, but the MC job is the most challenging aspect for a wanna-be DJ.  Love Shack will sound the same if I play it or your uncle plays it…but addressing the hundreds of strangers in the room on a microphone is outside of most people’s comfort zone.  One needs to log a few hours to really become comfortable at it.  Just for the record, I’m not crazy about Love Shack – the music you don’t want to hear is equally as important as the “you’ve got to play or you’re fired” songs on your list.

In my opinion, the easiest part of the night is once we open up the dance floor, but that is what most people think of first when they think of the DJ.  Where you get the most out of your wedding DJ is keeping your event on pace, keeping everyone informed of what is going on, and (most important) keeping key players aware of what is coming next.  No surprises…unless planned.  This in turn keeps everyone calm, knowing your DJ has the event well in hand; and my bride and groom can be in the moment and soak up every minute of the event.  In the blink of an eye – you will be back in your honeymoon suite looking at your rings and giggling about calling each other husband and wife.

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