Winter Wedding


Winter Glamour at the St. Anthony

Picking Shades of Red

Everyone says  that black fits everyone, but actually it’s red. You can always find a shade of red that compliments your skin tone. This wedding shoot did just that. They managed to put together a winter themed wedding that didn’t scream “cliché Christmas colors”. When planning a winter wedding remember it’s ok to want deep reds and greens, but don’t be afraid to look for shades of red with orange, or pink, or whatever color you want. We personally love the red orange shades the bridesmaids are wearing in combination with different fabrics.

Colors in the Bouquet

When you pick an off-shade of a color it can be hard to find matching flowers. Make sure to give your florist the color palette so they can create a perfect selection of flowers. The orange flowers in these bouquets compliment the dresses and enhance the colors.


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