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Design Elements of Every Kind

The walls are now pieces of art, thanks to Event Ignition!

Whether an intimate venue or grand ballroom, the production and design professionals at Event Ignition take the blank canvas of an empty space and transform it into an awe-inspiring masterpiece.

With more than 30 years in the industry, Event Ignition owner and lead designer Frank Burton along with his team works to create an experience that fulfills a client’s inspiration but stays within any budget. “The idea is to immerse everyone in the experience,” Frank explains. “We create the design based on what the client has envisioned. And, because of the technical nature of what we do, we work with everyone as a team. We don’t railroad our design ideas with other vendors. We are happy to fill in with what they’re doing to complete the look.”

Event Ignition offers the latest in LED and wireless technology, providing clients with design options that were previously unavailable or inconvenient. At one recent event, Frank used battery-powered speakers to create a wildlife oasis in a ballroom foyer. To create the illusion of being outside, speakers were nestled in plants and trees and played the sounds of birds chirping as guests arrived.

Providing sound and illumination can be challenging in, for example, outdoor or rustic wedding venues where power outlets are minimal. “Today, you have a lot of outdoor ranch weddings or rustic barn weddings—and there’s a reason they’re rustic,” Frank says. “They don’t have all of the modern conveniences; hence, part of the allure can become part of the problem.”

To solve the challenge, Event Ignition utilizes wireless LED lights and battery-operated speakers that can be placed in a field—or anywhere—without requiring a mile of cable or noisy power generator.

Indoors, Frank often integrates strings of the popular café lights, not only to enhance decor, but because it also provides additional lighting for photography. “Some venues don’t have a lot of ambient light,” Frank explains. “The café lights give you great pictures without sacrificing the mood.”

Wireless and LED technology add to the enjoyment of events in traditional venues, as well. In addition to uplighting and draping, Event Ignition offers creative options like a video montage projected onto a sheer curtain framing the sweetheart table or synchronized to music for the newlyweds’ first dance. The design company has also used video mapping technology to project the iconic Donkey Kong video game characters climbing up and down a groom’s cake.

Other types of entertainment—such as laser shows, celebrity impersonators, and portrait slideshows—can be integrated into the entire event experience, as well. “Wedding receptions are like family reunions—people come to celebrate and to reconnect. You want to make sure that once they come, they stay and enjoy the event,” Frank says.

To accommodate guests who won’t hit the dance floor or would rather sit and visit, Event Ignition offers comfy lounge sets with video arcade coffee tables where guests can chat and engage in a game of Pac-Man or other nostalgic favorites.

But no matter the size of the event—whether a wedding reception for family and friends or a national gathering for a Fortune 500 company—all of Event Igntion’s clients can be confident they’ll receive personal service with attention to every single detail.

“It is always about customer service,” Frank says. “Our goal is not to meet our client’s expectations, but to exceed them.”


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