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the Father of the Bride

Father of the Bride
Father of the Bride

Traditionally, the father of the bride’s role is covering the cost of the wedding and walking his child down the aisle to give her away to a new love. Nowadays, they are more involved.


If you’ve ever seen the movie Father of the Bride, you may know father’s take on a much larger role in the special day. From meeting his new in-laws, helping choose the wedding cake and menu, hosting parties, and coordinating the wedding invite list. The father of the bride deserves appreciation for everything they do to make his child’s wedding day a memorable one.

Father & Daughter Dance

One of the most special moments at a wedding reception is the shared dance between the bride and her father.

For the dance, dad may have some moves he pulls out of his bag of tricks or he may offer to take lessons or practice before the big moment.

The song they dance to may have great sentiment or chosen to match the routine. Maybe there’s a song they listened to a song together through the years or maybe one they heard on the radio recently they love. Or maybe the father of the bride has a special song in mind to twirl his child around on the dance floor.

Reception Speech

You may have heard a best man or maid of honor speech at a reception, but sometimes the father of the bride will step in to deliver his own. Rather than just giving a toast, the father of the bride may offer a trip down memory lane, advice or congratulations for the newly married couple.


The father of the bride may serve as an usher. As brides and grooms are typically busy making their rounds around the reception or just enjoying their magical moment, fathers may serve as an usher and greeter for guests.

He may spend time walking around the reception or before the wedding begins, greeting guests as they arrive and pointing in the right direction of where they should be.


He may serve as a coordinator or a wedding planner of sorts. Fathers may participate in any tastings to help decide on what will be served at the wedding including beverages, desserts and meals. He too may travel around to visit potential venues or research vendors.

In addition, he may have his hand in the invite list. Maybe he knows all of the contacts for your family attending the wedding or close family friends. If they live out of town, he may arrange for their stay during the wedding or offer recommendations.

He may take charge of the gifts the newlyweds receive. Whether offering to keep hold of any gift cards or monetary gifts from guests, as well as ensuring all of the other gifts are delivered to the couple’s home.

Support System

One of the most important roles of the father of the bride is being a support system for his beloved child on their wedding day. Grooms and brides may be nervous or get cold feet, and their fathers’ step in as a form of encouragement and support to get them through the day.

A father’s love is a great one on wedding day to ensure you feel loved and supported.

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