Abril & Dustin's Story Of

Their Love At First Sight

Abril & Dustin

How They Met

We first met back in 2015, at the San Antonio Rodeo Keith Urban concert – the timing was delicate but it was a definite “well hey there cowboy” for the Bride.
Fast forward to 2018, the timing was just right and we reconnect on a dating app. We had dinner for the first time and it was “love at first sight” for the groom.
Since our first date, we were inseparable…our relationship grew and we were deeply in love. Dustin would ask me to Marry him whether it be in a playful joking manner, a random moment in the car, every night before we went to bed, etc, you name it and he would ask every day and I knew I would tell him yes one day.

The Proposal

July of 2021 before I got into bed he was watching tv and casually said….”okay, let’s get married”…” let’s go to the court house, how about September?” …we went to bed very excited….but life happens, the housing market and covid got in the way, we had to move…. and our mini court wedding in September did not happen…

Come Christmas we talked about it again, and then in January of 2022, he made the announcement to his family and me to mine and the 5 months of planning began.

It was the eve of my birthday, April 24th- the day of our engagement shoot, before we were leaving the house and as I was getting ready Dustin had said “I really wish you had your real ring for the photos” (Side note- a few months prior I bought myself a dupe off amazon until – this day). I told him I know, but it’s okay.” For our photos I was wearing a beautiful, full of ruffle long gown so Dustin had to help me put my shoes on, as he helped get one boot on, he started to tell me all these sweet things about how he loved me…as I slipped my foot into one boot I felt something inside and I pulled out a small shiny black ring box. He then got down on one knee. Next, all I could hear was more ramble (lol) but he asked if I would spend forever with him and I then officially said YES to his official proposal. On April 24th, we were officially engaged – went to our engagement shoot (which was absolutely perfect and one of my favorite days ever), then came home and toasted with Champagne with my family!

The Bling

In March sometime Dustin said he knew he wanted to get my ring at Americus Diamonds. We went together and it was such a romantic and exciting experience. He wanted to get me a ring that I loved. I wanted something classic and romantic. Round cut diamond on a dainty gold band.
I got sized, picked out the color, the band and he got the details so he would go back to pick something out “similar” but with love.

Wedding Preparations

The Dress

Since we already knew we were planning something small and intimate, I knew it was just going to be a day with my mom and my baby, Rylan. It was February and our date was set for the end of May, so because our wedding was being planned in a short time frame, a few bridal shops had referred me to I do The Dress I Do, to help my chances in finding something and I could buy right off the rack. I set an appointment for the morning and went in with an idea of what I wanted to try on and find, my Pinterest and photos were saved. The dress attendant was so sweet, she showed me a variety of dresses and I still had my heart and eyes set on a particular trend. After trying on over 20 dresses, I fell in love with one that I did not expect to, completely different from what I envisioned, and in one day of dress shopping, I said Yes! to the Dress! and bought off the rack. It was a sweet happy experience with my mom and my best mini hype man, applauding and getting excited. Emotions were flowing as I pictured our big day.

The Venue

Since it was a last-minute planned wedding and all the venues within budget were booked we knew we wanted our reception to be shared somewhere meaningful. Granny Kitchen opened her backyard up as an option and we loved the idea. Beautiful hill country backyard reception venue, with all the trees and perfect sunsets, where Dustin’s dad grew up, where Dustin played his whole childhood, and where he knew his Grandpa Leo will be celebrating in Heaven looking down on us. Originally because our reception was going to be a small intimate backyard wedding, we wanted our ceremony to be magical. At this time, I had Mission of San Jose booked but later, received a cancelation just 4 weeks shy of our wedding day. We gracefully scurried, and thankfully and gratefully our Father Bello said we could have the ceremony at his church which saved the day & we hurried and sent out a change of plans to our guests.

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