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Hire a Great Wedding Planner

A little advice Stephanie shares with future brides

Timeless Moments by Design

My most important piece of advice is to hire a great wedding planner. I loved working with Susan From Timeless Moments By Design. There were so many things we didn’t even think about that she was able to take care of and allow us to enjoy our day.

I also really appreciated our caterer Jose with A Gala Event Catering.  He did a great job on so many different items. It is important that you place trust in your vendors, they have done countless weddings and really know what they are doing. Their suggestions are key!

Timeless Moments By Design
Timeless Moments By Design

Tell Us About The Proposal

It was the day before my birthday, and I was having a party. JP told me to be ready early because he had a surprise for me. One of my best friends (Katie) had been spending the day with me and knew of his plan. She helped orchestrate the day.

When the time rolled around, Katie led me down the elevator to our 5th floor (where events are held). When I got off the elevator there were rose petals leading down the hallway with the song “Perfect” playing. I walked down the hallway into an event room where all my friends were together. In the room there were pictures of us hanging everywhere with flowers and then candles in middle of the room in the shape of a heart. There was even a photographer!

JP pulled me in the middle of the candles and put on a video for me, of all our friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. When the video ended, another one played of him telling me all the reasons he loved me and all the things he loved doing with me. He had taken little clips of us shopping, driving etc (without me knowing) over the last couple months and pieced them together. At the very end I turned around and he was down on one knee.

Timeless Moments By Design
Timeless Moments By Design
Timeless Moments By Design

Our Vendors Made The Difference

We wanted a venue that we could customize to our liking. We also wanted something in the middle of the downtown. Once we found The San Fernando Hall we fell in love with everything about it.

For our florals, We chose Evember because they were very talented in coming up with unique pieces. I am not creative and really needed a florist who was.  Angie had great ideas and was able to bring all of my wishes into the floral pieces.

We loved the band Matchmakers because they specialize in older music. They have phenomenal singers and can do the hits of today as well as the older stuff that we really like. They were able to play a wide variety of music and we received a ton of compliments on them.

Our caterer was Jose with A Gala Event Catering, they were perfect for us because they were able to really work with us in finding the Hispanic food dishes that are favorites among JP’s family. They were able to provide our bar services, as well as helping to plan the day, which was perfect because they helped us for the Hispanic side of wedding which was an important part of the day.

We really enjoyed working with Susan from Timeless Moments by Design. We wanted someone who had plenty of experience and would keep our worries to nearly nothing.

We used Gigi cupcakes for our dessert table, we really felt they had the most flavor, most of JP’s guests are not big into sweets and they loved them! We barely had any left.

We had a bridal party of 22 people so we needed a large transportation service. We also had a lot of friends and families from out of town. We chose Shark Enterprises  because they had the option of a large enough party bus to accommodate us and were able to do rides throughout the night to the hotels to pick up and drop off guests.

Timeless Moments By Design
Timeless Moments By Design
Timeless Moments By Design


  • Band
    MatchMakers Band
  • Caterer & Bar Service
  • Dessert Bar
    Gigi's Cupcakes
  • Florist
    Evember Floral & Event Design
  • Hair & Makeup
    Lola Beauty
  • Photography & Videography
    Alejandra Ramirez Photography
  • Venue
    San Fernando Hall
  • Wedding Cake
    Paulina Farias de Chapa
  • Wedding Planner
    Timeless Moments by Design

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