The Greatest Mystery

at Olympia Hills

Clarissa & Nathen

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High school doesn’t always bring everyone the fondest of memories. However, for Clarissa and Nathen, high school is where the two solved one of life’s greatest mysteries together. After catching glimpses of each other for the first few minutes of class, the two finally spoke to each other for an assignment. Nathen, an avid detective, asked Clarissa, “Do you have Blue eyes?”
Of course, Clarissa knew the answer to the obvious question, but it was the mystery of love’s existence that was solved. From this point on, the couple became inseparable.

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Looking into Forever

After five years of dating, the two exchanged vows at Olympia Hills Golf and Event Center in August of 2020. The beautiful Olympia Hills greenery gave the couple the perfect backdrop to their traditional wedding. The elegant floral arrangements, including the exquisite bouquet, were provided by From His Garden. Every detail of this wedding adorned the couple and their bright smiles.

Send off

One of the couple’s favorite moments is their first look. The two saved the moment for after Clarissa had begun her walk down the runway. When she was halfway to Nathen, they spun Nathen to face her, who had stared forward before. The butterflies, the whimsy, and the magic all came together in the look and the smiles the two exchanged. Perhaps, the same sort of look that started it all five years ago.


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