Two Continents Unite

at Canyon Springs

Tatiana & Hogie

It is always amazing to see when and where two people’s lives intersect for that magic moment of finding your significant other.

For Tatiana, originally from Eastern Europe, and Hoagie who grew up in Australia, their lives intersected in Corpus Christi, TX.

Not One, But Three Weddings

When you each grew up on a different continent and now you live on a third, the only thing you can do is celebrate three weddings.  Tatiana explains, “We will have two more weddings. One in Brisbane, Australia and one in Eastern Europe, Moldova. Since I am from one continent, Hoagie is from another continent and we live on a third, it is very difficult to bring all the friends & family together for one wedding, so we decided to have three.”

For Moldova, they are planning a very traditional wedding with a church ceremony. For Brisbane it’s going to be a party style wedding.

The Proposal

Tatiana and Hoagie where headed to Europe to visit Tatiana’s family.  Tatiana explains how Hoagie proposed. “Hoagie asked me to translate something to my father, as he didn’t speak English.  I had no idea what he wanted to ask him, until I heard, “I love your daughter. Would you give me your blessing to marry her?”

Choosing Our Venue

“We both love the outdoors. When we tours Canyon Springs, we noticed all of the beautiful nature and scenery.  I thought the waterfalls are truly magical and couldn’t imagine getting married any place else in San Antonio.”  explains Tatiana.

Moments to Remember

For Tatiana and Hoagie their wedding ceremony and celebration at Canyon Springs Golf Club are memories they’ll cherish for a lifetime.  However, for Tatiana she will always remember Hoagie’s kindness in his efforts to include Tatiana’s parents in the celebration.

“My parents traveled from Eastern Europe to be with us during our wedding.  Hoagie knew that my parents do not speak English. So, he took part of his wedding vows and spoke them in Romanian so my mom & dad would feel included and be able to be a part of our special day.”  explains Tatiana.


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