A Promise Worth Keeping

The Altar Awaits

Sophia & Daniel

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How They Met

Sophia and Daniel met all the way back in 2005 when they both started working for the same company. Now this was not a love at first sight type situation. Both Sophia and Daniel were actually not too crazy about each other when they first met. After well over a year of knowing each other, the two ended up going out for drinks with the same group of mutual friends. The couple says that from there, the rest is history.

limelight photography San Antonio Weddings

The Proposal

This couple has a special story when it comes to the proposal. It happened twice. The first time was in 2007- Daniel proposed but the wedding never happened. The next was 13 years later, after working through many trips and tribulations. This time with a new ring and a promise to get to the altar as quickly as possible.

limelight photography San Antonio Weddings

Inspiration & Unique Choices Made

As the couple grew together, they learned what they truly wanted at their wedding. They decided on something classy with a splash of modern. JC Events helped the couple find the perfect venue and list of vendors to create the magic they were looking for on their big day. Some of the unique things that Sophia mentioned were there on the day of were having a priest come to them to give them a blessing from the Catholic Church, a cigar roller, and having their dogs on their wedding cake.

limelight photography San Antonio Weddings

Words of Advice

“Don’t overthink things, don’t let others influence you to do something you don’t want especially when you have your mind set. Don’t worry about who will not go, focus on your day and those who need to be there will be.”- Sophia and Daniel


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