Fur-Ever After

Cheyenne & Wendell

How Did You Met?

Cheyenne & Wendell were each other’s best friends since 8th grade but they didn’t start dating until after high school. They two started taking interest in each other when Wendell asked Cheyenne to prom and when they won prom king and queen! Shortly after that, they started dating and eventually eloped 5 years later. When they eloped, it was during the middle of COVID and only had their photographer + preacher there. The couple then decided they needed to celebrate with her families and friends and started planning a wedding!


Tell Us About The Proposal!

“We decided to get a beautiful English Cream Golden Retriever, Piper. This was about 2 weeks before the proposal. My roommate at the time was working at a cute boutique at the Riverwalk and she told me her boss ordered some dog accessories and wanted Piper to model the merch. I was so thrilled because my baby was going to be a star. So the big modeling day came and Wendell and I went to the Riverwalk for this photoshoot. We were late and I was tracking my roommate’s location seeing where we needed to go. I was very frustrated because we were late and Wendell was trying to calm me down. For some reason he wanted to take me to the Arneson River Theater. I did not want to go because that was not where my roommate was and we didn’t have time. Well… he drug me over there anyways and he bent down to tie his shoe, I was too busy looking for my roommate on “find my friends” (who was near but I could not see her). I did not see him put a tag on Piper’s collar. When he got up he handed me Piper and said “read her collar” and it said ” will you marry me” and Wendell was down and on one knee holding a ring. I was so shocked, I was not expecting it at all. Then when I said yes, my friends who were all hiding, including my roommate, ran down and congratulated us. It was such a beautiful moment! Turns out my roommate’s boss did not have dog merch and Piper was not having a photoshoot but her parents were engaged!”

What Inspired The Design or Theme of Your Wedding Day?

If you are someone with the same taste as Cheyenne, then this wedding might bring you some inspiration! She has a modern boho esthetic that was presented throughout the whole wedding.

“I spent HOURS on Pinterest searching for the perfect theme and inspiration. I found a picture with dried palm leaves and from that moment I wanted to style the wedding around that and keep the theme and center everything around it.”


What Were Some of The Most Unique Elements of Your Wedding?

Best man? or best dog? For Cheyenne & Wendell it was fur-sure having their best dog, Piper there! She is who stole the entire show and was the most unique element to their wedding. You will see Piper incorporated throughout the wedding photography, from napkins, to the cake, she was there.

“We incorporated her in everything we could. She was our flower girl and she was such a good girl walking down the aisle with one of our bridesmaids. She was on our cocktail napkins and our cookie goody bags. She stole all of the attention (not surprised) as she sat like a good girl through the ceremony and ran around during cocktail hour. She even made it on the cake!”


  • Bar Services
    SOHO Catering
  • Brides Dress Shop
    Julian Gold
  • Bridesmaids' Dress Shop
  • Caterer
    SOHO Catering
  • Ceremony Venue
    Mae's Ridge
  • DJ / Band
    Little Wedding Band
  • Florist
    Flower Moxie
  • Grooms Attire
    Mens Wearhouse
  • Hair + Makeup
    Lux Beauty and Bridal
  • Invitations + Stationery
  • Photography
    Hannah Charis Photography
  • Reception Venue
    Mae's Ridge
  • Wedding Cake
    Homemade by Samantha Mahler
  • Wedding Officiant
    Reverend Joe Calovic
  • Wedding Planner
    Katie Foster Events

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