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Assembles "A" List

Tanya & Winston

As an event professional and owner of Gaines Entertainment, Winston has seen his fair share of vendors in the industry.  “Over the past three years I’ve been secretly auditioning wedding pros.  I would make mental notes, who’s on time, who gives the best customer service, who’s passionate about their craft.”  explains Winston.

His secret auditioning was all being done to gather his “A” list of wedding pros.  After all this was going to be for a very important wedding…his own.

Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story

The Venue Had to be Sunset Station

As one of San Antonio’s most popular DJ/Entertainment companies, Gaines Entertainment has worked at nearly every wedding venue in the area.  One of Winston’s favorites has always been Sunset Station. “I love playing at this venue!” said Winston.

“I proposed at Sunset Station. I tricked Tanya into thinking we were going there to photograph our daughter Mila for Fall photos. We did the fake photo shoot with Dawn Elizabeth Studios for about 30-40 minutes. Once inside, I convinced Tanya to sit on the grand staircase for more photos. Dawn’s cue was to have us go all the way to the top. I let Tanya head up first and as soon as she turned around I was already on one knee. The mariachis appeared out of nowhere, she said yes, and we toasted with tequila.” explained Winston.

For Winston and Tanya the choice was easy. They loved the unique charm of Sunset Station. They wanted to focus on making certain their wedding was fun for all. A moment for everyone to come together and have a good time. They decided they would let the building and all its splendor speak for itself. The linen and floral arrangements were all inspired by the building.

“One of our favorite features inside, is the staircase. So, we had Angie with Evember Floral Design go to town on the railings with foliage. It looked magical!” explained Winston.

Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story
Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story
Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story

What We Liked The Most

“Luxe Appeal did an incredible Job on our cake. It was very unique., as it had lots of structural elements that you normally wouldn’t find on a wedding cake.”

“Our dinner entertainment was awesome. We had a Latin show number performed by an energetic couple. Their dance was excellent and unexpected by guests.”

“We loved working with Rosemary’s Catering. The food was great. They ensured everyone was eating in a timely manner. The entire evening flowed perfectly.”

Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story
Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story
Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story
Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story

Advice to Future Brides & Grooms

“Do it the way you want to do it! If you have people helping you pay for your wedding, let them know what you like. At the end of the day, it’s about you and your marriage! Do what you want and how you want. Do what speaks to your heart! If you want to have five cakes, have five cakes. Make it unique and make it yours!” – Tanya & Winston

Gaines Entertainment Wedding Story

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