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Shayla and Wyatt

SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz

If you’re a YouTube junkie, you may recognize the name Shayla Schrepfer.  Shayla has been on YouTube since 2012.  She has racked up more than 600,000 views on her weekly vlogs.

Shayla and Wyatt shared with us details about their wedding day at Kendall Point.  Included in our story is a video from the engagement surprise in New York City, as well as a wedding video produced by Spotlight Entertainment.

SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz

Wyatt and I met through Baylor University athletics. He was a running back for the football team and I was a gymnast on the Acrobatics & Tumbling team.

The New York City Surprise Engagement

I am the oldest of four girls in my family. Every time one of us turned 16 my dad would take us on a big trip. The baby, Emma, turned 16 and we all went to New York City to celebrate.

The last night, my dad said “This is the biggest surprise yet!” I thought it would be a surprise for my sister! We arrived at the Renaissance Hotel in the R Lounge (it overlooks all of Time Square). When I turned the corner I saw Wyatt in a suit with candles all around him! Everyone in the restaurant was staring and cheering as he got down on one knee- it was so magical!

Because I am a vlogger, of course I would have my surprise engagement on video…enjoy!

Why Kendall Point

Kendall Point was the vibe I was going for – elegant and white! When it came time for us to choose our vendors, we gravitated towards those that were so incredibly easy to talk to and work with.  Many of our vendors also have a strong working relationship with Kendall Point.

One final item that was very important to me with my selection of vendors was they couldn’t be star-struck. Not because I’m a vlogger, but you see, I am the daughter of celebrity Mary Lou Retton. So, I wanted to make certain that my vendors were professional and could handle the idea of a celebrity being in the wedding.

SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz
SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz
SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz
SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz
SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz

Most Unique Element of Your Wedding

I would say the most unique part of my wedding was our wedding cake by Cynthia Gallagher of Cakes & More Bake Shop. Wyatt isn’t the biggest cake person, so we knew we didn’t want a grooms cake. We created a design of a gorgeous white tiered wedding cake, excatly what I’ve always dreamed of! However when you turned it around, there was a giant edible football “thrown” in the side of it with Wyatt’s last name and football number on it. It was super fun and of course delicious!

SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz
SHAYLA & WYATT - - BridalBuzz


  • Bar Service
  • Bride
    Liv & Love Bridal
  • Cake
    Cakes & More Bake Shop
  • Caterer
    Jimmy Lyn’s Event Planning & Catering
  • Ceremony & Reception Venue
    Kendall Point
  • DJ
    5150 Productiions
  • Florist
    Evember Floral & Event Design
  • Hair & Makeup
    JAX Studio
  • Linens
    Joyous 442 Event Planning + Design
  • Photography
    Hannah Henke Photography
  • Rehersal Dinner
    Bevy Hotel Boerne
  • Videography
    Spotlight Entertainment
  • Wedding Planner
    Joyous 442 Event Planning + Design

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