Married at the

McNay Art Museum

Angela & Justin

A Timely Meeting

Though Justin and Angela shared the same workplace, their paths didn’t cross until it was almost too late. By the time a mutual friend introduced them, Justin had already accepted a new job in Houston. Yet even an impending move couldn’t keep the two from falling in love.

“We really hit it off,” says Justin. “Our first date was on October 10th, and we went out every night to someplace new until I moved at the end of the month.”

Justin knew he couldn’t let Angela get away – so on the day he moved to Houston, he drove back to San Antonio the same night to surprise her.

“We saw each other every weekend until I proposed,” says Justin.

That Dreaded Bike Ride

Justin’s proposal did not go according to plan, he admits. To celebrate their shared birthday month of June, the couple took a trip to Scottsdale, Arizona, where Justin had planned to propose at the Botanical Gardens. But there was one thing he hadn’t counted on: the heat.

“The concierge at our resort suggested we start the day with a bike ride,” says Justin. “By the time we headed back to the resort, the temperature was 119 degrees and the ride was all uphill.”

With Angela too exhausted for the afternoon trip to the Botanical Gardens, Justin scrambled to find an alternative. All around them, the grounds of the resort had wilted due to extreme heat – but at last, Justin found a lively fountain surrounded by brilliant, still-blooming flowers. It was there that Justin and Angela agreed to be wed.

“We still don’t know why they suggested that bike ride,” says Angela.

Utmost Elegance

For a couple that prefers timelessness over trends, only an evening of utmost elegance would do. Since Justin and Angela lived full-time in Houston, they needed a wedding planner to help make their vision come true, and found their perfect match in the Reese Events Group.

“While we were living in Houston, Angela’s parents worked very closely with Greg and Azenette Reese to narrow our vendor options based on our preferences,” says Justin. “When we came to town they had prepared full itineraries of back-to-back vendor meetings so we could make the most of our time. We found everything we needed through Reese and his team.”

Chief among the vendors that fit Justin and Angela’s vision was photographer Linda Rukavina, whose Renaissance-inspired work turns weddings into works of art. For an evening of elegance, there was no one better.

“Justin was ready to hire her before even meeting her,” says Angela.

Together with the Reese Events Group, Angela and Justin crafted an evening of full of hand-touched details, including the lettering on their save-the-dates and the antique cake topper from Angela’s grandparents. True to the couple’s classic style, the groomsmen were attired in shawl lapel tuxedos with bow ties and gold accents, while the bridesmaids wore full-length black gowns with gold and crystal pieces in their hair. Angela and Justin’s ceremony was held in the McNay’s intimate courtyard patio, surrounded by lush foliage and beautiful mosaic artwork, to the music of a string quartet.

Favorite Pastimes

Angela and Justin didn’t want to let their wedding guests go without introducing them to one of Justin’s favorite pastimes. Outside, a tobacconist set up a stand where he distributed cigars and educated guests on different tobaccos and cigars.

And it wasn’t just the guests who enjoyed the treat; Justin’s groom’s cake, dressed in a tuxedo and bow tie like the groomsmen, wasn’t complete without its own Davidoff Cigar.

Evening to Remember

The end result was an evening that exceeded every expectation the couple had.

“The amount of energy, effort, and time our families and our vendors put into celebrating us and our marriage means so much to us,” says Angela. “Some of the nicest memories are from the encouraging cards, meaningful surprises, small details, and acts of kindness from people we love.”


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