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Vanesa & Jonathan

Stella shots media destination engagement photo in the mountains

After meeting for the first time at a downtown San Antonio bar, the two grew inseparable. Admittedly, Vanesa was apprehensive about the date. She’s shy, and the moment she saw Jonathan at the bar, she had to retrieve to the restroom to collect herself. A couple of beers and a few competitive rounds of checkers later, the two knew they had found something good. 

Stella shots media engagement photo destination
Stella shots media dreamy engagement photo destination in the mountains

On the fourth of July, 2020, the couple’s four fur-babies made a request Vanesa could not reject. The couple was packing for a day out with a few close friends. Vanesa knew they were running late, so she quickly grabbed their backpack to leave, but Jonathan stopped her. He said the dogs had left her a present in the backpack. 

When Vanesa opened the bag, she found a handcrafted letter that read, “Will you marry our dad?” Just then, Jonathan pulled out a ring and dropped down on one knee. 

Stella shots media engagement photo destination session shot of the ring

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