Sheana + Alex

How They Met

You really do cross paths with the person you’re supposed to spend forever with, and that was no different for Sheana and Alex. The two attended Texas State and despite their two very different majors, they were both in the same honors organization. The two discovered that they had a lot more in common, like the same music taste and humor. Though they had things in common and texted a ton, Sheana wasn’t looking for a relationship.

“The more time we spent together, the more it made sense and felt natural. I actually told Alex if he could deal with me for a month and still wanted a relationship, we would make it official. I’ve always known I’m a stubborn, bossy and strong-minded woman so I was certain he wouldn’t want to stick around. But I was wrong and here we are!”


Theme of the Wedding

There are so many beautiful venues all over Texas and it can hard to narrow it down to the perfect one. Sheana and Alex fell in love with The Gardens of Cranesbury based off a recommendation from their photographer at Limelight. They went for a venue tour and immediately fell in love!

“I could immediately picture our families here, scattered around the beautiful grounds taking pictures, playing corn hole in the large open area, and throwing my bouquet from the balcony.”

This venue has a lot of opportunity for beautiful photographs to be taken, lots of land to end the night with fireworks, and a place to make the best memories. Sheana and Alex knew that The Gardens of Cranesbury was going to be the place the say their “I do’s”!


Favorite Vendors In San Antonio

Finding the perfect vendors for a wedding is never easy, especially when there is so many amazing options to choose from. However, Sheana and Alex have started working with a few vendors within the San Antonio Area that have been incredibly helpful and exciting to work with!

“Josh at Limelight Photography has been incredible from the beginning!”

Down below will be a list of the further vendors that Sheana and Alex are working with!

Wedding Dress Shopping

Who doesn’t love shopping for a dress? THE dress! Sheana is so excited to get started on her wedding dress journey. She is going to start her search at David’s Bridal with a group of family and friends to support her along the way. Finding a wedding dress can be stressful but it is also a beautiful moment and it is important to start booking those wedding dress appointments 6-9 months prior to the wedding date.

“I have a Pinterest board of ideas but am open to trying all styles because you never know.”

Sheana hopes to have her “ AH HA” moment the second she puts it on.


Advice from Sheana

“Take the time you need; no engagement is too long. Our engagement will have been 2 years by the time we get married and while it seemed long, it’s flown by. We haven’t felt the pressure of limited vendors, rushing financially or feeling rushed at all. It’s allowed us to work extra to save for the things we really wanted, take our time meeting different vendors, and really enjoy the process! Also, I always heard no one will be as excited about your wedding day as you will but pick people who will be. My bridesmaids have been incredible and supportive and made this process so fun, exciting and already so memorable.”

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