Lovelace Tying the Knot

Suheily & Parker

San Antonio engagement photo by wayfarer photography
San Antonio engagement photo by wayfarer photography

How They Met

Suheily and Parker both began working at the same hospital roughly three years ago. Parker had just finished medical school and Suheily was just finishing up her doctoral program, and as fate would have it, they’re paths became perfectly intertwined. Months went by and as the couple began to get to know each other better, they decided to go on their first date. Sitting across the table from one other, Suheily knew by the way time stood still that her connection with Parker was different.

The Proposal

When? December 23rd, 2020

Where? Brasserie Mon Chou Chou

How? After their delicious dinner, the couple took a walk. While strolling around Parker started talking about all the love they had for one another and the beautiful memories that they had experienced together. Before Suheily could process it all, Parker was down on one knee and popped the question! Still in shock, Suheily then realized her family was there too and he even had called up her extended family on FaceTime!

San Antonio engagement photo by wayfarer photography
San Antonio engagement photo by wayfarer photography

The Bling

Both the engagement ring and wedding band will be family heirlooms. The engagement ring has been passed down to Parker and Suheily by Parkers father, and the wedding band was previously Suheily’s grandmothers. They both love the idea of having family history as an integral part of their relationship and plan on continuing the tradition with their own children one day too!

lake born engagement photos by wayfarer photography

Wedding Planning

The Dress

Suheily had an amazing experience shopping for her dress with her mother and sister at Olivia Grace Bridal here in San Antonio, Texas. She says it is a memory that she will cherish forever and can’t wait to walk down the aisle in it.

The Venue

Both Parker and Suheily grew up in more tropical climates and felt so at home at Remi’s Ridge at Hidden Falls. It had the perfect combination of greenery and rustic that made it the perfect choice for this couple.

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