Summer Nights

Styled Shoot at Ivy Hall Events

This shoot was inspired by late summer nights at Ivy Hall, a beautiful oasis in the heart of San Antonio.

Our couple is enjoying the retro vibe of the venue over Topo Chicos and colorful desserts as they read classics and relax as the sun is setting. It’s a romantic, Havana feel with mismatched glass and bright florals and jewels as summer fades to fall.

As the evening cools, they change into a flowing gown and AIr Force uniform to dance in the courtyard. Their colorful and unique jewelry sparkles in the setting sun and the bright bouquet of ranunculus are the perfect pop of color against their shades of blue.

Our team was inspired by the hues of late summer, the bluish-green tint to the glass, and taking a modern couple and placing them in a vintage infused date night.



Spice of Life Catering3
Spice of Life Catering
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